Day boat one controlled from the rail into the atmosphere burned

around September 22 at 18, tianzhou 1 controlled de-orbit after the completion of stage space and laboratory follow-up mission to expand testing, re-entry.

Previously, the day boat cargo spacecraft as planned to complete a number of expansion applications and related tests, ground science and technology personnel to conduct a scientific assessment of its flight status, the decision to implement the derailment. In the measurement and control of the precise control of the communication system and close monitoring, the sun on the 1st by two braking, the track height continues to decline, and finally into the atmosphere burned.

day boat on the 1st of China’s own development of the first cargo spacecraft, April 20 launch into the track after the space with the Temple of space to form a combination of automatic union, after a two-month combination After the flight, June 19 to complete the roundabout and rendezvous and docking, on June 21 evacuation Temple II into the independent flight phase. During the mission period, the day boat has verified the space station cargo supply, propellant in orbit addition, independent fast rendezvous and so on a series of important key technologies for China’s space station development and operation and management has accumulated important experience.

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