Yang Zhenning was born at the age of 87 to authoritative journals refused to be considered impostor

Yang Zhenning 87 years old to the authority of the journal was rejected, was considered impostor

surging journalist Wang Yingying

Yang Zhenning. 8 years ago, the famous physicist, Nobel laureate Yang Zhenning had familiar with his international journal “Physical Review Letters” Physical Review Letters was rejected, switch to “China Physics Express” published – this In recent years, with the recent professor of physics at Tsinghua University, “Chinese Physics Letters” edited by Zhu Bangfen, “After the return of Mr. Yang Zhenning made five contributions” and once again mentioned. In the 2013 publication “Selected Papers of Chen Ning Yang II: With Commentaries”, Yang Zhenning mentioned this time that he felt “funny and troubled”. In the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, I published a number of articles on the “Physical Review Letters”, some of which were quite important and well-known. At that time, “Physical Review Letters “Editorial policy and practice is appropriate and efficient, but now the Internet age, with pdf, tex and other tools, but it is not as good as before.” Yang Zhenning wrote in the book, and attached to their own and “physical comment Express “editor of the two rounds of mail exchanges.

June 2009, when he was 87-year-old Yang Zhenning to “Physical Review Letters” submission, the paper completed by him. Because for many years did not contact the “Physical Review Letters”, he made a brief description of the submission, they have been in 1967 and 1969 on the role of 1-dimensional delta function published articles. “Now, I take this new paper back to this area.” Yang Zhenning wrote in the letter.

On the 1-dimensional δ function exclusion potential, Yang Zhenning made important work. In 1967, Yang Zhenning found that the fermion quantum multibody problem in the 1-dimensional δ-exclusion potential can be transformed into a matrix equation, which is called the Yang-Baxter equation, and the related paper is published in the “Physical Review Letters”. In 1969, Yang Zhenning and his younger brother Yang Zhenping pushed the boson problem in the 1-dimensional delta function exclusion potential to the finite temperature. Related papers published in the “Journal of Mathematical Physics”.

But Yang Zhenning this new work has not been “physical commentary” to receive. More than a month later, a peer reviewer argued that the conclusion of the new work was already included in the paper published in the same name (ie, Yang Zhenning) in 1967. “I do not know if it is funny or offended,” wrote Yang Zhenning, who thinks that the peer reviewer did not read the title, abstract and content of his new work.

Two days later, the feedback from another peer reviewer came. The beginning of the feedback is Yang Zhenning past work affirmed, praised its analytical ability is “legendary”. For the new work, peer reviewers said that, according to him / her, the conclusions are correct, but that this is not appropriate published in the “Physical Review Letters”, because of “lack of broad interest” and “lack of new physics.”

Subsequently, Yang Zhenning replied to the journal, which was “very, very strange” about the two comments received. Yang Zhenning that the first commentator did not seriously look at his new work, so that did not find the new work is completely different from the 1967 issue of the paper. For the feedback of the second commentator, Yang Zhenning proposed to read the beginning of the new background and the end of the end of the conclusions, and a lot of praise the contents of the reviewers expressed confusion.

For Yang Zhenning’s reply, “Physical Review Letters” said the need for more detailed refute. “Obviously, this is an arrogant, bureaucratic unified format letter.” Yang Zhenning wrote.

turn, Yang Zhenning will be the article to the “China Physics Letters”, and in the next month (September) successfully published.

“, his research articles mainly to the Chinese Physical Society belongs to the” China Physics Letters “(CPL), with practical action to express Mr. Yang’s values: the value of an academic achievement is not Equivalent to the publication of the impact factor. “Zhu Bangfen wrote:” As CPL editor, I can often receive Mr. Yang at 11-12 pm sent an e-mail, as a ripe old scientist, Mr. Yang’s “

From “Selected Papers of Chen Ning Yang II: With Commentaries”, Yang Zhenning, 2013. Source: Science Network Hunan University Professor Liu Quanhui.

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