When can I play a cell phone? Experts: not bad technology only bad money

Corresponding management and usage policy.

After the plane can play a cell phone?

“thing is a good thing, but not a rule out, you can fly by plane tomorrow, there is a long way to go.” National Air Traffic Control New Navigation System Technology Laboratory Dr. Xie Jindong In an interview with Science and Technology Daily reporter said.

The use of electronic equipment in aircraft has been very common in foreign countries, but still requires the phone to shut down. China’s civil aviation to this strict control, but also mainly due to the consideration of operational safety. “In terms of electronic equipment, the phone on the aircraft flight safety problems are more likely.” Xie Jindong said.

Xie Jindong introduced the existing mobile phone communication is the so-called mobile communication system, the need to send a signal base station, but now the aircraft cabin is not yet equipped. If you do not turn off the phone or call, you need the phone to use the maximum power to find the base station, which easily lead to individual work abnormalities of the mobile phone to produce harmful interference signal. Aircraft communications and navigation system to receive hundreds of kilometers away from the signal, the system sensitivity is particularly high, even a very subtle interference will have a great impact on flight safety. “Technically speaking, there is not much difficulty calling the plane on the plane, theoretically on the plane to add a mobile base station can be achieved.” Xie Jindong said, micro-cellular base station can effectively control the aircraft on the passenger phone Signal transmission power, to solve the potential clutter interference problem. The difficulty lies in how to use the micro-cellular base station and terrestrial communication network to achieve broadband connection, the existing solution is mainly the use of satellite communication circuit, but the cost is high, and there is information security risks.

Xie Jindong that can be developed by means of the standard 5G mobile communication system, is expected to directly achieve the full coverage of the air over the route, in order to achieve the aircraft to the ground broadband connection.

China Civil Aviation Flight Standards Division Deputy Director Zhu Tao said: “A few days ago,” the fifth major revision of public air transport carrier aircraft operation certification rules “release, will be implemented from October 2017. “It is this rule that gives the airline the ability to use portable electronic equipment to give the airline the decision.

Technology Daily reporter on this issue call the relevant person in charge of Air, the official said, has not yet received an official document, to be received after the official documents the company will organize the appropriate staff specifically for testing and evaluation.

A lot of cost, bear a greater risk, such as the aircraft to modify the flight will have a huge economic losses. “Personal feeling, may be in some typical routes on the pilot.” Xie Jindong said.

Xie Jindong’s view is: “Relative to the mobile phone, the airline launched a relatively low threshold for Internet services, WiFi service network security and stability is relatively easy to achieve.”

analysis That the fastest aircraft in China at the end of the year to achieve commercial. However, at present, China’s airborne WiFi is free, there is no profit point to become the biggest obstacle to the current aircraft WiFi business. China Civil Aviation Management Institute Professor Zou Jianjun said, airborne WiFi promotion, there is no technical barriers, only the economic difficulties.

(Science & Technology Daily, Beijing, September 19)

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