The world’s oldest man died from the age of 117 years old longevity due to eat three eggs a day (Figure)

According to foreign media reports, in April this year by the Guinness Book of World Records identified the world’s oldest Swiss, Jamaican grandmother Violet Wright, in the local time on the 15th of this month died, at the age of 117 years. 85-year-old son of Russell said his mother earlier because of physical discomfort and stay in the medical center, the doctor said her heart irregular and dehydration, extended to 15 days of death. Violet was born on March 10, 1900, was a sugar cane farmer in his early years and had taken over her husband as a local cemetery administrator. When she was 20 years old was diagnosed with anemia, since eating three eggs a day, she said her longevity is because the three eggs, plus only eat a small amount of meat, dinner only drink milk The After the death of Violet, the 117-year-old Japanese girl Tanaka pot was identified as the oldest man in the world. [Edit: He Luman]

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