The history will choose transgenic

History will be selected transgenic Abstract: 1, transgenic technology can be used to change the safety of receptor biology. Transgenic transformation of crops not only preserves its existing safety, but also enhances the ability to resist natural disasters and increase its production potential. 2, the international community, through the management of security and approved by the government to promote the application of agricultural genetically modified organisms and their products are safe. 3, transgenic technology debate, in essence, is the struggle between different countries of science and technology competitiveness, is the development of modern agriculture and traditional agriculture dispute, monopoly of high technology and traditional technology are the dispute. 4, agricultural genetically modified crops commercial cultivation so far, there is no case of human consumption of genetically modified food due to health and safety problems. 5, China as a big agricultural country, to unswervingly promote the industrialization of genetically modified technology, a transgenic technology application power. Transgenic technology is one of the contemporary high-tech, is a genetic genetic theory, biochemical theory, protoplast culture technology (sexual plant asexual reproduction technology), genetic engineering technology, transformation technology, evaluation technology and a series of biological theory and technology breakthrough application The Transgenic technology is like a space technology is a very complex and sophisticated technology, gene construction, transfer and screening are very accurate, the goal can be designed, the risk can be controlled. The impact of GM technology on safety is neutral, and the safety of the recipient organisms can be improved by human manipulation, and the safety can be reduced. Genetically modified crops can not only maintain its existing safety, but also enhance the ability to resist natural disasters, improve production potential and benefit mankind. Transgenic technology is a mysterious, the use of biochemical technology and genetic engineering technology development of insect-resistant genetically modified crops can make a specific species of insects die, but harmless to humans. In order to make transgenic technology for human use, the world technical institutions and agriculture, health, food, environmental protection and other regulatory departments in close cooperation, according to the safety level of genetically modified organisms to implement strict safety evaluation and supervision. According to the international rules, according to the agricultural genetically modified organisms on human, animal and plant, microbial and ecological environment risk level, the safety is divided into four grades, and from the recipient organisms, gene operations, genetically modified organisms, genetically modified products Aspects of rigorous security technical evaluation, the implementation of strict management of listed products. In order to protect the safety of genetically modified products, human health and the healthy development of genetically modified technology, the international application in the field of agriculture are safety grade Ⅰ, that is, “there is no danger” of genetically modified organisms and their operation. Strictly controlled transgenic operations, regulated safety assessments and effective regulation ensure the safety of agricultural GMOs and their products. It should be said that the agricultural genetically modified organisms and their products that are safe and approved and approved by the government are safe. Transgenic technology is a revolutionary technology, compared with the traditional technology, there is controversy in the security is understandable. This controversy originally existed in technology, which is beneficial to perfect the transgenic technology system and the safety evaluation system and promote the development of genetically modified. However, due to the gap between the development of technology between countries and food safety concerns, this debate quickly expanded to trade, economic, social, political and other levels. This debate has been going for more than a decade, but looking at the history of international bioscience and technology, every theoretical or technological change has led to widespread and lasting debate, but has not only been accepted, but also promoted technological and social progress. In 1859, the British scholar Darwin after years of observation and research, published the “origin of species”, proposed higher organisms evolved from lower organisms, human ancestors are apes. This theory for the first time denies the creation of God, said that the religious forces to a heavy blow in Europe set off an uproar, causing widespread controversy and opposition, vocal opposition and their followers, to ridicule, sarcastic, critical, personal framed, Darwin I am furious at this argument until the 20th century, the theory of biological evolution was considered one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 19th century. In 1866, the Austrian scholar Mendel, through the famous pea test, found three major laws of inheritance, and for the first time the genetic factors known as the gene gene, his genetic theory until 1900 only other scientists recognized, but long-term controversy, especially Is the controversy over the Soviet Union’s Michurian acquired genetic theory for decades. My teacher, Mr. Wu Zhongxian, told me that in the sixties and seventies of last century, our country only allowed lectures on the podium of the university. But eventually Mendelian genetic theory was accepted as the cornerstone of modern genetics and biotechnology development. Transgenic technology debate, on the surface is the food safety dispute, its initial reason and the deep-seated reason is the conflict of various interests, is the technological development of advanced countries and backward national science and technology competitiveness of the dispute is the development of modern agriculture and traditional agriculture Struggle, is the monopoly of high technology and traditional technology are the dispute. Today’s transgenic technology debate and the year of biological evolution and gene genetic theory of how similar, not only technical (theoretical) dispute, but also social and moral struggle. Argue that the society is divided into two factions: the supporters and the opposition (now the new media to further expand the controversy), in particular, the opposition is not only technical opposition, but also to expand the scope of the debate, and even use personal attacks and other ways to discredit the new theory and its Support, “demonization” transgenic technology, what “cancer”, “extinct”, “evil country”, the genetically modified organisms as biological weapons, the genetically modified food as a drug, the supporters as Western multinational companies Of the spokesperson, this is not a scientific attitude, but also far beyond the nature of the argument is not conducive to technological progress and social development. Transgenic technology from the day of landing, to the rapid pace of development. “Jurassic Park” opening said that biotechnology is the greatest revolution in human history, will change all aspects of our lives. In 1983 the first case of transgenic plants (tobacco) came out, 1994 genetically modified potatoes for the first time allowed commercial cultivation, 2016 global GM crop acreage has reached 185 million hectares (27.(Nearly 11 million mu) of corn, soybean, cotton, rape, beet, papaya and so on, which were planted or imported by 67 countries, and the largest cultivated countries were planted with 72.9 million hectares (nearly 11 million mu) Crops, 94% of the US soybean, 92% of the corn and 93% of the cotton are transgenic varieties, 78% of the world’s soybeans, 26% of the corn and 24% of the rapeseed are transgenic varieties and genetically modified foods are omnipresent. In 2000, the US government’s three regulators (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency) approved the safety of genetically modified rice, the US Food and Drug Administration in 2004 recognized the food safety of genetically modified wheat, but because of the export trade Worried that the US Department of Agriculture did not allow its commercial cultivation. Transgenic technology is growing up in the debate, but its development is based on the expansion before the debate, most of the transgenic plants in the nineties of last century approved the commercialization of the plant, if the debate a few years ahead of genetically modified corn, soybeans, etc. Crop fear will be affected, it is difficult to commercialize cultivation. Agricultural genetically modified crops commercialization Although only twenty years of history, so far, the international community, including genetically modified food production and consumption of the United States, there is no case of human consumption of genetically modified foods because of health and safety problems, worried about the “super weeds “And” super insect “did not appear. Some highly toxic pesticides in China to promote more than 20 years, “clenbuterol” used more than a decade later, found that food safety problems, was banned. Transgenic technology more than 20 years of history, although not long, but enough to explain the security issues. The debate on genetically modified technology will continue and may be more intense. When the theory of biological evolution and genetic inheritance were widely debated, a group of scientists insisted on scientific truth, fear of social prejudice, fear of personal honor, and a hard struggle. Accepted by the scientific community and society. The further development of genetically modified technology, not very easy, the scientific community to dare to play, adhere to the scientific spirit, the community should respect the science, respect for knowledge. Transgenic technology will eventually be like the theory of biological evolution and genetic genetic theory by the community and the public to accept the benefit of mankind, history will choose genetically modified. China as a major agricultural country, genetically modified technology research power, a clear development strategy, a comprehensive evaluation of the regulatory system, many years of the Central Document 1 continue to promote, genetically modified technology should be in modern agricultural construction and food security in the work, we must be firm Unswervingly promote the industrialization of genetically modified technology, a transgenic technology application power. (Cheng)

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