Science and technology big coffee platform is seeking funds to encourage more young scientists

“2012 to the present, China’s top universities on the reward of young talent and wages should be at least quadrupled.”

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September 16, when Shanghai was Early autumn gorgeous sunset dyed gold, a full of brilliant colors of the science and technology industry heavyweight awards in Shanghai unveiled.

Fudan University Guanghua floor of the lecture hall brightly lit, here is ushered in the Science and Technology Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “seeking the Foundation”) guests and 2017 winners.

Not only that, but also members of the “Seeking the House”, including Professor of China University of Science and Technology, chief scientist of Quantum Satellite, Mr. Pan Jianwei and his team, and director of the Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences Are rare on weekdays, “big coffee”.

The most heavyweight character is the older generation of scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the progress and development of science and technology in China: one is the “two bombs and one star”, and the other is the Nobel Prize winner , The famous physicist Yang Zhenning.

95 years old Yang Zhenning standing speech

Yang Zhenning and Sun Jiadong is seeking the foundation of the consultant. Now the two old people have come to the oldest age, but still on crutches, in the assistant arm down to stumble into the hall.

This is the second time Fudan University held the Foundation Award Ceremony. Fudan University President Xu Ningsheng introduced from 1994 onwards, Fudan University, 19 scientists have been seeking the foundation of the sponsorship, these winners have now become Fudan University-related disciplines leader. In 1994, the well – known entrepreneur Chazhi people set up in Hong Kong, through the award in the field of science and technology achievements of Chinese scholars, led the people to support science and technology research first.

Ten years ago, the son of Chagi people took the title of the chairman of the foundation. He said: “China has become a big country, the next direction is to become a strong power, and technology has played a key role.We are pleased to see the current fund more and more, is the foundation will continue to do their own So that the development of China’s science and technology. “

already 95-year-old Yang Zhenning from the beginning of the establishment of the Foundation is the consultant since the beginning. When the awards ceremony approached the end, he was about to debut the finale, the staff for the elderly prepared a chair.

Yang Zhenning wearing a blue jacket, in the staff of the arm under the slow step. However, he did not go to the stage of the chair, but into the left side of the speech, slowly put down crutches, began to speak.

standing in the Guanghua floor lecture hall, Yang Zhenning mouth clear, words sonorous, his right to his foundation with the foundation.

he said: “I participated from the beginning seeking Mr. Cha Chi Ming Foundation in the early 1990s, which is the most difficult of reform and opening up China, he decided to donate heavily to help China. Science and technology development. “

Traced back to the Foundation is the earliest funded Chinese scientists, Yang Zhenning said that because of long-term living in the San Francisco Bay Area, the University of California at Berkeley, University of California, San Francisco, familiar with, So his first contribution to the scientific community is the University of California, Berkeley, Professor Chen, Professor, including Chinese scientists. In 2005, Chen was born in the “Year of the Year”, wrote: “reward the achievements of people and cultivate the next generation is an important task to promote science, I think the latter is particularly important, a country’s technology Education, to do it yourself, can not be handed over to other countries. “” China is a big country, we must have a number of talent in the front line of science and technology in order to properly cope with the future situation. “Chen said.

Chen is the body of Yang Zhenning teacher. “I first participated in the Foundation is the Advisory Group of the Foundation, is the body of the province to recommend Mr. Chen Zhen.” Yang Zhenning on the audience and the teacher said, “At first we will discuss the first meeting, what method can help the development of science and technology in China, then Zha Jimin and his family, as well as several of our consultants agreed that the first thing we should do is to give China a major contribution to the cause of a number of yuan honor awards, so a few years ago winning, are to enhance China’s international status The first year of the award is in the Diaoyutai, but also because the Chinese government is seeking the establishment and development of the Foundation is very supportive. “

seeking the Foundation has been established more than 23 years, Yang Zhenning Said he only missed an awards ceremony. “According to my personal experience and the Foundation for more than 20 years of development, I deeply appreciate that this process reflects the development of China’s own technology and young scientists in the field of international research is now gradually reached the status.” Yang Zhenning said.

In the evening of the year, the “Seeking Outstanding Scientist Award” in 2017 was awarded to Prof. Chen Shiyi (Engineering) of Southern Science and Technology University and Professor Xie Xiaoliang of Harvard University and Peking University (Life Sciences And medical fields). Chen 11 is a well-known scientist Zhou Peiyuan students, the international top fluid physicist, is also one of the founders of the international lattice Boltzmann numerical method. Xie Xiaoliang is bornInterdisciplinary international leader, whose team work in China, has made hundreds of newborns successfully avoiding their parents’ single gene genetic disease.

“seeking science and technology achievement collective award” is awarded the Chinese Academy of Sciences rice molecular genetics Li Jiayang team. In addition, there are 10 outstanding young scientists won the 2017 “is the outstanding young scholars Award”.

Tsing Yi University Vice President Shi Yigong four years ago to join the Foundation is a consultant. He said that the contribution made by the Foundation is very large, even beyond the scope of the conventional.

“The Foundation itself is a private charitable foundation, but in the past just 23 years, funded a large number of outstanding scientists, from the outstanding scientists award young scientists, the number of winners has more than 300. I think this is a very small figure, but the great contribution to the development of Chinese science. “Shi said that.

From 1995 to 2001, the Foundation is a total of 120 young scholars award, among them the birth of a dozen university principals, dozens of academicians, become the backbone of China’s science and technology.

Attracting young scientist talent is particularly important for China, which is in the highly developed period of science and technology – for this reason, the Foundation has suspended the “Outstanding Young Scholar Award” in 2001 for a full 12 years , In 2012 to make a major decision to restart the award.

“This is to a large extent stimulated the domestic institutions, they follow the foundation of the Foundation to reward young researchers.” Shi said that “2012 to the present, our first-class university award of young talent And wages should be at least quadrupled. “

Over the past four years, the Foundation has awarded a total of 39 outstanding young people. Some of them have become world famous scientists. For example, in early September announced the “future science award” winner, Peking University professor Xu Chenyang, is also the 2013 winner is the winner of the Young Scholars Award. In just a few years, he made a world-renowned contribution.

With the development of China’s economy and the desire for scientific and technological innovation, a large number of private institutions donated scientific research. Such as Shi Ji Gong mentioned the future of science awards. The award was established in January 2016, is China’s first by scientists, entrepreneurs, co-sponsored by the private science awards, “China’s Nobel Prize,” said. Bonuses come from donations from 12 entrepreneurs.

At the national level, since the implementation of the “thousands of people plan” in 2008, the number of talents introduced at the level of teaching in our country has more than 20 times the total amount introduced in the previous 30 years. As of 2016, Chinese students returned more than 2.65 million, around the introduction of high-level talent of 54,000 people.

Although government and private funding more and more, but the first financial journalists in contact with young scientists learned that the community’s attention to young scholars is still not enough. A person who participated in the future science awards ceremony told the first financial: “At present, the future science award is only the top talent feast.” However, it is understood that it has been proposed for more young scientists to provide More rewarding mechanism.

Seeking the Foundation to restart the Outstanding Young Scholars Award, is also aware of the need for more support for young people. Today, with the development of the first-class universities, the Foundation is funded by the Foundation from the original Peking University, Tsinghua, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, China University of Science and Technology and Peking Union Medical College and other seven universities expanded to 11 last year, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhongshan University and Nanjing University and other well-known colleges and universities.

Fudan University doctoral tutor, young scientist Professor Lan Fei 2008 Harvard University Department of cell development biology doctoral degree, in the United States Constellation Pharmaceutical (Constellation Pharmaceutical) to carry out innovative epigenetic transformation of the work.

By the end of 2012, he resigned from the US position, full-time employed at his alma mater Fudan University. Blue Philippines on the first financial reporter said: “just came back, the work of treatment and the United States has a big gap, but the past two years have been significantly improved.”

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