Professor Zhong Nanshan: PM2.5 per additional 10 micrograms of residents decreased lung function by 26 ml

Heavy concentrations of heavy PM2.5 in the weather will have an impact on the health of the population, especially on people’s lung function On the morning of September 15, Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of the National Center for Respiratory Diseases Clinical Medicine Research Center, Professor Zhong Nanshan and his collaborators Guangzhou Respiratory Diseases Institute, director of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases, Professor Ran Pi-xin in Guangzhou Given the answer: haze and other heavily polluted weather, leading to chronic obstructive pneumonia (referred to as “slow-stop lung”) increased risk of morbidity.

Studies have shown that PM2.5 concentration increases, will lead to decreased lung function. PM2.5 concentration per additional 10 micrograms per cubic meter, air pollution area residents lung function will drop about 26 ml.

Ran Pi-xin is the person in charge of the study. He said the results showed that PM2.5 increased from 35 micrograms per cubic meter to 75 micrograms of cubic meter, the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease increased by 2.4 times; if PM2.5 concentration of more than 75 micrograms per cubic meter, Then the local residents suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is 35 micrograms per cubic meter below the residents of 2.53 times.

The research team in the Lianping County People’s Hospital for chronic obstructive pulmonary screening

PM2.5 to 75 micrograms, the risk of disease increased by 2.4 times

Said, “the previous view is that the slow resistance of the lungs is just the weather is not good, increase the slow onset of lung attack, hospital, see clinic.” However, Ran’s study found that air pollution is relatively heavy, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and prevalence This study shows that from the perspective of prevention, to strengthen and speed up the management of environmental pollution, to reduce the prevalence of obstructive lung disease has a very important relationship. (Ran Pi Xin) their conclusion is PM2.5 from 35 Micro-grams per cubic meter, increased to 75 micrograms of cubic meters, the prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the risk increased by 2.4 times. “

Ran Pi Xin said that before we may be concerned about” PM2.5 is with lung disease There is a relationship, “but not a real data show that PM2.5 rise to what extent, the number of lung function decline. Research team in Guangdong Zhanjiang, Guangzhou, Shaoguan several areas through the system of investigation and found that PM2.5 with lung function is very close, PM2.5 rise directly lead to decreased lung function.

Ran Pi said Xin, “(results shown) PM2.5 concentrations for each additional 10 micrograms per cubic meter, he lung function (air pollution residents) is reduced by about 26 ml. If the concentration exceeds PM2.5 75 micrograms per cubic meter, then he (suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) risk is 35 micrograms per cubic meter (area residents) 2.53 times. “

Ran Pi Xin that the results of the study of people in the future control Chronic obstruction of lung disease, made a clear warning: in addition to smoking cessation, but also to reduce air pollution, but also to reduce the rural kitchen biomass fuel combustion caused by pollution.

Slowly blocked lung is the third most deadly disease in China. Smoking, air pollution and other reasons leading to China after 40 years of adult 8.2% of the sick, the number of patients per year more than 40 million people. Patients due to tracheal, pulmonary and other persistent inflammation, lung function gradually decreased, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and other symptoms, may lead to respiratory failure, leading to death.

Even more frightening is that more than 70% of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are only early patients. In the early stages of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the patient’s lung function dropped sharply, but he almost did not feel any symptoms. Therefore, the patient treatment rate is very low. Medical treatment guidelines do not recommend medication. Eventually, most of the lung function of the patient is almost permanently lost.

Professor Ran Pi-Xin led the team to the grassroots COPD research

high-risk groups should take the initiative to do after the 40-year-old lung function test

morning, Zhong Nanshan and cooperation with Japan Also in Guangzhou jointly issued on the early intervention of chronic obstructive pneumonia in the treatment of important research results. The results of the study show that if the diagnosis of early chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with persistent drug intervention, the patient’s lung function will be saved.

The diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is mainly based on pulmonary function test results.

“But we slow the lung screening of patients inside, done pulmonary function tests, only 2.5%, how low the penetration rate?” Ran Pi Xin said. For high-risk groups, such as long-term smoking, long-term exposure to risk factors, such as frequent contact with smoke in the rural kitchen, exposure to dust, and heavy air pollution in the crowd. Should take the initiative to do lung function check. “Ran Pi-xin this proposal.

Guangzhou respiratory disease research institute deputy director, professor, doctoral tutor Zheng Jinping said that in January 2017, the national “thirteen five” health and health plan mentioned that the lung function test should be included in the national Regular experience project. According to the national plan, by 2025, probably hope that the penetration rate of lung function can reach 20%, for the diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should be to 40%. But the distance to achieve this goal, there are a lot of work to do.

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