People eat food for the day: “eat poor” adult death rate of the second largest risk factors

A study of the University of Washington in the United States shows that the death of one in five dead bodies in the world in 2016 is “poorly eaten” There is an association. “Eating poor” has become the second major risk factor for human death after smoking. Researchers say the “poor” here is that the poor are undernourished and the richer people are eating unhealthy. Millions of people ingest high salt, high saturated fat diets, lack of fruits, vegetables, nuts, omega 3 fatty acids and whole grains. The results are published in the latest issue of the Lancet. “In all forms of malnutrition, poor eating habits, that is, less intake of healthy food, is a major risk factor for death.” In addition, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity or overweight, high cholesterol But also in the global population of the top ten death risk list. These risks may be associated with poor eating habits. The study also shows that human life is prolonged. In 2016 the average life expectancy of women around the world reached 75.3 years, 69.8 years for men. This study is part of the ongoing Global Health Partnership Project “Global Disease Burden”. (Huang Min) [Xinhua News Agency micro-draft]

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