“Nature” means that carbon emissions to the “Paris Agreement” target is not impossible

Science and Technology Daily Beijing September 18 (Reporter Zhang Meng Ran) British journal “Nature Earth Sciences’ 17th published online article said that to achieve the” Paris Agreement “set by the temperature control at 1.5 degrees Celsius target is not without Maybe, but we have to make a bigger decision to cut. The article points out that the carbon budget surplus available on the basis of the carbon budget set for this target is more than previously expected. The study will help countries adjust the corresponding policies to mitigate climate change.

Man-made warming, resulting in the global average surface temperature in 2015 than in the mid-19th century, higher than about 0.93 degrees Celsius. The long-term goal of the Paris Agreement is to control the global average temperature increase above the pre-industrial level below 2 degrees Celsius and try to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level. But the foreign media often have doubts, in early August the British “Independent” an article once said that the world will almost certainly can not achieve the temperature rise of not more than 1.5 degrees Celsius goal.

The University of Essex researchers Richard Miller and colleagues, with a concise carbon – climate model, to assess the temperature control in the 1.5 degrees Celsius under the conditions of the remaining Carbon credits. They also consider that, in addition to continuing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, people are also committed to reducing other greenhouse gas emissions.

The team concluded that the future carbon emissions would be up to 250GtC (1GtC to 1 billion tonnes of carbon) to 540GtC, which would be limited to more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level by 2100 Within the target match. Researchers believe that the use of more thorough research methods to regularly update the human-induced warming situation, will help countries to adjust policies to mitigate climate change.

“Nature” magazine also published online at the International Climate and Environmental Research Center of the ancient Enna Mayr and colleagues communication article. Studies have shown that the greenhouse effect caused by the increase in anthropogenic atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, as compared to pre-industrial levels, has been “halfway on the road”. Although the carbon dioxide concentration itself has not yet reached the same level, but with global warming intensified, “1.5 times” will become a symbol of global warming node.

The editorial trap

rarely see such a statement – to achieve a certain goal is not impossible, and “funeral” and no emboldened. Climate change is a tangled and sensitive topic, it is environmental issues, economic issues, but also political issues. Humans want to dominate their own destiny, have to adapt to the earth’s temper. Each country has every effort to reach a compromise after a long game, and the product is the Paris Agreement. In fact, regardless of whether the vision of the plan can be achieved, human beings have to do something; regardless of scientific research is optimistic or pessimistic results, countries must develop policies, make the greatest efforts for the future of human light.

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