National Railway today to focus on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail “revival” official speed

This time, the national railway will soon usher in the National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival “double section” passenger concentration of the train Test, a number of railway bureaus during this period to increase the temporary train. In addition, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail “revival number” will also usher in today’s speed, there are 7 pairs of motor vehicles to take the first 350 km per hour to run.

after the transfer plan more new motor car, high-speed rail

– Zhengzhou to Nanchang run time by six hours more than

after the transfer plan September 21, the national railway Part of the line to increase the passenger and freight trains, will be the first time to open Guangzhou direct Chaoshan, Changsha from Jiujiang, Zhengzhou from Nanchang, Nanchang through Lanzhou motor car, high-speed rail train, greatly shorten the running time.

Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, for example, according to media reports, the first of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau in Nanchang, Zhengzhou and from the high-speed rail train G2043 and G2044 times a second, the fastest in five hours 27 minutes, shorter than the 6-speed trains Cape entire running time Hour 32 minutes.

Canton Railway Group is to open some of the EMU train, which will be the first departure of Changsha South Station Jiujiang from the beginning of the train to the final train G1480 / 79 times; Guangzhou-Zhuhai intercity car further encryption, will increase the car Group train 16.5 pairs. According to media reports, the Beijing West Railway Station will increase the direction of Zhengzhou, Luoyang, the direction of high-speed EMU train a total of 3 pairs, and Beijing West to Xi’an, a pair of weekend train to the daily line, will To a certain extent, ease the peak direction of the hot supply and demand situation.

In addition to the new train, the plot also means that the same time, Wu nine passenger dedicated line (referred to as “Wu nine guest”) officially put into operation, Wu nine high-speed rail officially opened. Thereafter, some of the trains passing through the line will further compress the run time.

According to media reports, the new Wujiu high-speed rail early to open EMU train 26 pairs, the first trip to 8 pairs of “G” prefix train, and further closer to the distance between Jiangxi and Hubei.

By then, Nanchang west to Wuhan the shortest railway travel time will be compressed to 1 hour and 54 minutes. At the same time, Nanchang to Beijing will be the current minimum of more than 8 hours compressed to 6 hours, Nanchang to Xi’an from the current nearly 22.5 hours compressed to 10 hours. According to media reports, September 21 after the increase in planning Fuzhou to Xi’an North Station G860 / 59 times, Fuzhou to Xi’an EMU train will be increased to 2 times a day; Xiamen north to Zhengzhou East new line G2046 / 5 times will also be stopped Fuzhou station, Fuzhou South Railway Station, the two trains train cars have been run through Wu nine passengers.

In addition, Fuzhou to Wuhan between the high-speed motor vehicles will be connected through the railway to the city of Chang nine city, and through the Wuhan-Kowloon passenger operation, from Fuzhou to Wuhan, from the original nearly 7 hours to 5 Hour or so.

It is noteworthy that, after the transfer, National Railway is about to usher in the National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival “double section” larger passenger test. National Tourism Administration recently announced the “2017 National Day holiday travel guide” shows that between October 1 to October 8, the number of domestic tourism will reach 710 million people.

Reporters registered 12306 official website query found that many railway bureau for the convenience of travel, during the Golden Week are temporarily added part of the passenger train. For example, from September 28 to October 8, Wuhan Railway Bureau in Zhengzhou East – Xinyang East daily G4539 times, Zhengzhou East – Guiyang North G4541 times every day, Beijing – Nanchang daily T91 times; September 29 to October 9, in Nanchang – Beijing daily T92 times.

Canton Railway Group in the Golden Week during the opening part of the high-speed rail passenger travel. For example, on October 5, Shenzhen North – Beijing West D902 times, D904 times, D910 times, D928 passenger trains; September 30, October 2, October 7, October 9 opened Guangzhou South – Beijing West D922 times, Guangzhou South – Nanning East D2366 passenger train.

In addition, Chengdu Railway Bureau, Shenyang Railway Bureau, Harbin Railway Bureau, Shanghai Railway Bureau, etc., are released from September 28 to October 8 during the opening part of the passenger train announcement.

350 km per hour, “Revival” high-speed rail will also officially from today on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line running, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival “double” will be “revival” speed ushered in the first travel peak.

According to the China Railway Corporation official website news, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail first to achieve 350 km per hour operation of the car(G3 / G4, G5 / G6, G7 / G8, G9 / G10, G13 / G14, G17 / G18 times), and the operation time between Beijing and Shanghai is about four and a half hours.

It is understood that the Shanghai Railway Bureau has a comprehensive evaluation of the “revival number” EMU train speed of 350 km operating changes and risks, to complete the EMU drivers, vehicle mechanics, equipment maintenance and train service personnel training The At present, 246 drivers have made the “revival” EMU train driving qualifications.

September 21 after the transfer plan, the Shanghai Railway Bureau Figure scheduled to open daily operations EMU will reach 656 pairs, accounting for the total number of EMU third of the country. According to media reports, “revival number” of the train height increased from 3700 mm to 4050 mm, the seat of the seat seats increased by 10 cm, second seat increased by 3 cm; train also implemented wifi Full coverage, each row of seats increased to six power outlets.

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