Muske will announce the new trend of Mars plans: modify the size of the spacecraft

According to foreign media reports, from the Space X founder Maske proposed the Mars colonial plan has been nearly a year ago, he was ready to bring people to make some adjustments to the project. Last year, the International Astronautical Union (IAC), Muske mainly talked about the human sent to Mars rockets and spacecraft, rather than the colonial itself.

This summer, Muske has revealed that the project has made some progress. Specifically, the size of the spacecraft carrying the astronauts has been reduced, which can help reduce costs, while the modified version of the spacecraft will also apply to the Earth’s orbit mission.

After that, he wrote on Twitter, reducing the size of the spacecraft also allows them to adapt to the current SpaceX factory size.

but Musk did not disclose specific plans and modify the spacecraft design, it is understood that he will be announced at the IAC to be held in Adelaide, Australia 29th of this month. By then, Muske will announce the slide that is most likely to be the future implementation of the Mars colonial plan.

In addition to SpaceX, Lockheed Martin will also announce the Mars-related research project on IAC. It is reported that the company is designing a set of Mars base camp for NASA.

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