Lazy to save! See small animal tricks “free ride”

Lazy to save! Small animals are sometimes the same with people, like playing a small smart thieves lazy, can ride a ride will never go their own way!
A wonderful friendship between octopus and bikini beauty. Jessica photographed these magical pictures in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she was diving with her little companions, but these octopus were soon wrapped around them, and we were not afraid, but instead they were As a pet. Comments 89634 lazy to save! Indonesian photographer Tanto Yensen Tang Gulang travel photographed funny scene, a group of lazy frogs ready to ride in a crocodile body, They line up on the train orderly, far away as in the dance Kang Sha dance, the picture is very funny. Comments 89635 lazy to save! Photographer Daisy Gilardini spent two weeks, waiting for 117 hours, at the Wabulk National Park in Canada, and photographed. The image of the newborn baby ‘s first nest. Mother bear with its two bears go out foraging, one of the “bear child” is also hanging in the mother’s buttocks behind, put up a ride, looks funny. Comments 89636 lazy to save! South Africa, photographer Jonathan Denzil Kerrin Kruger National Park photographed a few small turtle lying on the hippopotamus hitchhiking…. Interesting scenes. These little guys have the courage to decide to Mr. Hippo back rushed, but, but disturb the man’s dream, I do not know will not drive them down? Comments 89637 lazy to save! See a small animal tricks “free rider”
2017 September 19 08:05 a monkey lying on the dog body. Comments 89638

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