Jupiter aurora intensity is more than expected: the formation of the principle may be different from the Earth

NASA Jupiter probe to Jupiter Juno and into the period of time during which the Jupiter, the Hubble Space Telescope a series of continuously shot images ultraviolet Jupiter, showing its spectacular aurora

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 21 (Xinhuanet) – Scientists once again got into a familiar feeling again with the launch of NASA’s Juneau probe from Jupiter’s orbit in June last year: excited and then confused The “We are still very excited, but we are still very excited because Jupiter,” said John Bolton, chief scientist at Juno Project. “Randy Gladstone, chief scientist of the Vanilla Spacecraft UV Spectrometer, said:” The data tell us that our previous ideas were wrong, and that we were thinking about it, But it is really interesting. “Barry Mauk, chief scientist of the high-energy particle detector for the Juno project, said:” This is a real mystery that can become the team’s Part of the group, feel very honored. “

then what Juno ship back to what kind of data, so that scientists feel so” love and hate “it? In short, Juno’s data is almost subverting all the previous understanding of Jupiter: from Jupiter’s aurora color to its gravity field up and down the shock and then to the magnetic field strength changes. But in particular the cause of concern is Jupiter unparalleled powerful aurora, these beautiful light band in the Jupiter polar dance, like a dream. And the scientists realized that these beautiful Jupiter aurora is not only in the subversion of the Jaguar aurora before the conjecture, and even it with the Earth aurora generation mechanism may be completely different.

First of all, let us first look at the earth, Aurora is generally how to produce. Due to the existence of the Earth’s dipole magnetic field, the flow of particles from space (mainly the sun) is difficult to pass through the magnetic induction line, but more along the magnetic line movement, in the north and south poles of the earth into the Earth’s high-level atmosphere and there Of the oxygen atoms and nitrogen atoms collide and produce flash phenomenon. Muke is the first author of the recent issue of the Jupiter Aurora Mechanism published in Nature, which states that this mechanism seems to have lost its role in explaining Jupiter’s aurora. He and his team observed a huge amount of potential over the Jupiter polar region, which is 10 to 30 times the Earth’s corresponding value. This is not surprising in itself, because Jupiter is bigger and stronger than the earth. But the problem is that the data show that the intensity of Jupiter aurora is not 10 to 30 times the intensity of the Earth’s aurora, but higher than the earth almost 100 times. In this way, you can not find any mechanism to explain such abnormal aurora intensity. “Basically, the intensity of Jupiter’s aurora is about 10 times higher than the predicted results produced by Earth’s aurora,” says Muke. “

This is really a headache. Because it means that no matter what is the Jupiter polar area over the electronic flow to accelerate to more than 100 million electrons, the mechanism behind it is likely that we are completely unfamiliar and ignorant. With the latest data from the Juno spacecraft, Muk and his team are preparing to try to solve the problem and have made a series of progress.

But no matter what is right to completely understand the mystery behind Jupiter’s Aurora, the original intention of joining the study is still very clear. “We’re just trying to understand how the laws of physics work in the universe,” says Muke, “and that’s exactly what science is.” (Morning wind)

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