Highly toxic arsenic is expected to treat chronic leukemia to improve the “five-year disease-free survival rate”

(Reporter Yu Huiyou correspondent had Huanhuan) for more than two thousand years, because of “poisoning” “violent death” and other words associated with the infamous arsenic, the modern scientific proof, the United States and the United States, But also save lives. 19, Science and Technology Daily reporter learned from the Hunan University, the school of molecular science and biomedical laboratory Tan Weihong academician group, try to arsenic preparation of a new albumin nano drugs, for the expansion of arsenic in chronic myeloid leukemia and other tumors Clinical application of the new methods and ideas. Research papers have been published in the top international chemical journal “German Applied Chemistry”. Arsenic, scientific name arsenic trioxide, due to acute promyelocytic differentiation, and can make cancer cell apoptosis, medicine has been used as a treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia, one of the standard drugs can make such patients ” Five-year disease-free survival rate “increased by 70%. However, in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia, arsenic can not be effectively enriched in cancer cells. And high-dose treatment program, it is easy to produce nerve damage and liver failure and other serious side effects. How to use arsenic for malignant leukemia and solid tumor treatment, become a hot research. Based on the reversible response mechanism of arsenic-sulfur bond to acid and glutathione reduction in tumor cells, the folic acid modified by human acid albumin was enriched by folic acid, and the intelligent nano-drug “FA-HSA-ATO ” “Albumin itself has a role in targeting cancer cells, surface modification of folic acid can further effective targeting of cancer cells, enhance the arsenic enrichment in tumor cells, as given the arsenic ‘eyes’, it can be more accurate to find Cancer cells, put arsenic, kill cancer cells, and reduce arsenic in the normal organ tissue enrichment, and ultimately achieve both effective treatment of disease, but also reduce the side effects. “Research team member Peng Yongbo, deputy researcher said. Cell and animal level experiments show that the nano-drugs can significantly increase the effect of arsenic on the treatment of chronic leukemia, reduce the side effects. At the same time with the preparation of simple, good biocompatibility and so on.

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