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Weight lifting can shape your biceps; yoga can make your body stretch and relax; running can reduce your waist circumference. We have too many reasons to exercise, we also know that all kinds of exercise to help good health. And more and more studies have shown that some exercise methods can make your brain more intelligent, often exercise the brain looks like those sedentary people are very different. Exercise is a brain medicine, such as Al dementia for this medical problems, the past few years there are researchers said that medicine is not as much as going out to jump square dance it. This is not a joke, the movement will make the blood will be more oxygen, growth factors, hormones and nutrients transported to your brain, so that it and muscle, heart, lungs become stronger and more efficient. So exercise fitness has been proven to help improve dementia, Parkinson’s disease and depression-related diseases. Nowadays, scientists have studied the effects of exercise on brain cognition in greater depth and further defined the effects of different exercise patterns on the specific regions of the brain. Fast exercise or slow exercise better? Is it a weightlifting or a yoga class? In the face of the need to remember the focus of the exam, relax or quit smoking, etc., how can we exercise the most appropriate? All of these, scientists are slowly able to give specific advice. Two-pronged approach to Alzheimer’s disease The first clue to the brain’s movement comes from a mouse experiment 15 years ago. Experiments show that letting the mouse run in the runner will cause the hippocampal neurons to secrete more brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) to promote the growth of new neurons. So the memory of the mouse will be improved, can better out of the maze. The discovery was quickly confirmed on the human body. Those who had three aerobics per week had an increase in the hippocampus of their brains a year later and had a better performance in memory tests. In addition to aerobic exercise, researchers have begun to think about whether there are other types of exercise to help this, such as strength training. The researchers found 86 volunteers with mild cognitive impairment, a group of two times a week, each time an hour of weight training, while the other group to brisk walking (aerobic exercise); while the control group only need Do some simple stretching exercise can be. Six months later, weightlifting and brisk walking have had a positive impact on their spatial memory. In particular, the executive function of the weightlifting group has improved significantly, and they have performed better in associative memory tests, such as matching someone’s face and name; aerobic exercise group has improved in speech memory. While the control group in the memory or executive function are nothing to affect. If aerobic exercise and strength training have unique benefits, then need to combine the two together? In order to clarify this point, the researchers divided 109 patients with dementia into three groups, the first group of four times a week for half an hour of brisk walking; the second group is 2 times a week for two hours of fast walking strength training; control group Do not carry out any exercise. After 9 weeks, the researchers found that the combined exercise group had the ability to solve problems and deal with problems faster than the other two groups. It seems that for the elderly, only walking is not enough, they also need to do some strength training. Strength training will stimulate the liver to secrete a growth factor that can affect the communication between brain cells, promote the growth of new neurons and blood vessels; in addition to reduce the content of homocysteine, which is a dementia in the elderly brain Higher content of molecules. By combining aerobics and strength training, the two-pronged approach will get a cup of more effective neurobiological cocktails. But so far has not yet developed how long this effect can last, so we better adhere to exercise. extracurricular physical education can not be ignored Another study is about children, different types of exercise in many ways affect the child’s intelligence. For example, if you want your child to focus on a math test in the next hour, it’s best to get them around for a while. Studies have shown that such a simple 20-minute exercise has an immediate effect on the child’s attention, executive function and problem-solving ability. The right amount of exercise allows the child to focus in the short term, about every two hours to let them take a break, walk around, may well be a good way to promote learning. In contrast, sports that require too much skill will hinder their attention in the short term, and too much training and rules will add to their burden for children who are going to take exams right away. However, such training seems to be able to gradually enhance the long-term attention. Twice a week to coordinate the need for coordination of the ball movement, adhere to 5 months later, the children in the test will be more focused. Can be seen through physical exercise not only allows children to have a strong physique, their cognitive ability is also very helpful. On the one hand, complex exercise exercises activate the cerebellum involved in coordinating the movement, and now it is also recognized that it plays an important role in attention. On the other hand, children who love sports will have greater hippocampus and basal nuclei, which will allow them to focus more on exams. The basal nucleus is an important structure that translates ideas into action, interacting with the forehead cortex to influence attention, restrain, and perform control to help people switch between the two tasks. In the 8 to 10 years of age the hippocampus and basal nucleus and other structures are still mature stage, so during this intervention will have a great impact. And even moderate amount of small fitness can be measured within the brain changes. Of course, adults can also benefit from, such as some balance training, synchronized lifting the legs of the action and manipulation of rope or ball and other props and other coordinated movement, but also make the elderly base nucleus larger. Control the desire and decompression of the recipe We understand the movement of the impact on the brain, you will find more different types of benefits. Now there is a popular way of fitness is high-intensity intermittent training, that is, including the rapid sprint, including such a full effort to exercise. These exercises have additional advantages that can help you control your desires. In order to test the intensity of training on appetiteIn the University of Western Australia, the researchers invited some overweight people to come to the four separate rooms in the lab. In three of the rooms they were engaged in a 30-minute bike exercise, but would have different intensity points: one was to maintain moderate, continuous speed; one was in a 1 minute high-intensity ride and a 4-minute moderate ride Line between the alternating; there is a very high intensity of 15 seconds after the sprint 1 minute free ride buffer. The fourth room is a full 30 minutes of rest. The results showed that after the most intense interval training people only eat a small amount of porridge, and in the next day to eat less food, only about half of other people. This may be because the movement reduces the amount of gastrin, so that the movement can not feel hungry. What if you feel anxious? Yoga is a good choice. Researchers recruited a group of volunteers who were in anxious state to take their 8-week yoga meditation program. The results of the final brain scan showed that the volunteer’s amygdala (the fear and anxiety of the brain area) would contract, and they said the pressure was getting smaller. Although it is not clear why this is so, but yoga meditation does help to form a peace of mind, reduce our fear and anxiety. There is a partial overlap between the different movements and the corresponding benefits, so if you are tangled to choose what to do exercise, it is better to pick a one you like it The best exercise is the kind of type that you will actually choose and stick to.

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