China’s first exploration of Mars in one fell swoop to achieve three goals: around the landing tour

The development of the Mars exploration project, which is planned to be implemented around 2020, is progressing well and is pre-studying the expected scientific objectives. Engineering detectors are equipped with a total of 13 kinds of payload, including 7 kinds of around the rover, six kinds of rover, involving space exploration, surface detection of Mars, the surface structure of Mars detection and other fields. “20, the third Beijing Moon and deep space Exploration International Forum opened in Beijing, China’s first Mars exploration task chief architect Zhang Rongqiao in the opening ceremony of the news before the meeting said this.

Mars is the solar system from the Earth closer to the planet, the natural environment and the Earth is the most similar to human beings to carry out interplanetary detection of the preferred target.

“At present, human deep space exploration activities have entered an unprecedented new period of development, the moon station and Mars priority to become the two main directions of rapid development.” Opening ceremony, China Moon and Space Exploration Engineering Center Vice Director Yu Guobin said.

The United States has developed a major plan to cover the main solar system, to the 30s of this century to achieve manned Mars exploration for long-term goal of the grand strategic planning, ESA is working with Russia to implement the “Exomars” program, to participate in the United States ” Development of spacecraft service module.

“for Mars exploration, has achieved international sweep to fly to Mars, surrounded landing, lunar exploration. Mars became detect hot spots and strategic high ground of space technology major space-faring countries, become the prime target for planetary exploration, Mars exploration will be technically high-tech development, science and new discoveries. “Yu Guobin said.

However, by the constraints of the law of the celestial bodies, every 26 months there is a favorable launch time for Mars exploration, from now to 2021 before and after only three launch opportunities, the world will have four Mars exploration mission Implementation, ushered in the peak of Mars detection.

chance is rare. “China’s first Mars exploration mission at the same time to achieve ‘surround, landing, patrol’ three goals, which is unprecedented in other countries, the challenges facing unprecedented.” Zhang Rongqiao stressed.

It is understood that China’s first Mars exploration mission, not only to achieve the global remote sensing around Mars, but also break through the Mars into, down, landing, patrol, remote monitoring and control communications and other key technologies, so that we really into the deep Empty, approached Mars, opened its mystery. After

“Mars is farthest from Earth of about 400,000,000 kilometers, after the probe is separated from the rocket about to be after 7-10 months cruising flight to Mars was captured. Surround is around Mars flight to the landing Patroller Separation, and then enter the mission mission track to carry out the global detection of Mars around the same time for the landing patrol to carry out relay communications, which in the track design will take into account the needs of the surrounding and landing. “Zhang Rongqiao explained.

At the same time, the landing patters are separated from the encirclement into the Martian atmosphere, after the aerodynamic shape deceleration, parachute deceleration and reverse thrust engine power deceleration, and finally landing on the surface of Mars, the rover left the landing platform, Surface inspection, to detect the shape of Mars, soil, environment, the atmosphere, the study of Mars on the ice distribution, physical field and internal structure.

“Due to the large delay in long-distance data transmission, the rover must have a high degree of autonomy, Mars light intensity is small, with the Martian atmosphere on the sun’s role in the reduction, the rover energy supply than the moon The car is more difficult, which makes the first Mars exploration task more complex, although difficult, but we still hold the confidence to win. “Zhang Rongqiao said.

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