China-made large aircraft C919 will be in the Beijing Air Show on more than 100 orders

The 17th Beijing International Aviation Exhibition opened in Beijing on the 19th, the reporter learned from the meeting, China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. will be re-signed More than 100 C919 orders. Photo: May 5, China’s first international mainstream line of passenger aircraft C919 in Shanghai Pudong International Airport successfully first flight. C919 is China’s first in accordance with the international advanced airworthiness standards and mainstream market standards independent research and development of single-channel trunk aircraft. C919 first machine on May 5 successful “first flight”, has been completed before the transition before the two tests, plans to complete the initial inspection flight in Shanghai after the transition, to carry out the “first flight” after the airworthiness forensics work.

Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China plans to invest a total of six test machine to carry out flight, the second plane at the end of 2017 for “first flight.” C919 large passenger aircraft the world’s first user China Eastern Airlines has also sent representatives of the aircraft cockpit and maintenance of the assessment work, full participation in model development.

 资料图:5月5日,中国首款国际主流水准的干线客机C919在上海浦东国际机场成功首飞。中新社记者 孙自法摄 
资料图:5月5日,中国首款国际主流水准的干线客机C919在上海浦东国际机场成功首飞。中新社记者 孙自法摄 

ARJ21-700 is China’s first developed in accordance with international civil aviation standards in the new short-range turbofan regional jet with independent intellectual property rights, commercial operation more than a year, to fly round-trip flights from Shanghai Hongqiao to Chengdu Shuangliu, Accumulated more than 20,000 passengers.

China Commercial Aircraft company said, ARJ21 aircraft is still ongoing design optimization at the same time smooth operations, such as the installation of music systems and satellite communications systems. ARJ21 aircraft currently has a total of 19 customers, 413 orders, China Commercial flights will be planned in 2017 to customers delivery of more than five aircraft.

At the current air show, China Shangfei Company will also publish the “China Commercial Airlines Company 2017 – 2036 civil aircraft market forecast annual report”, and through the model and video display models to develop new models, including For the first time in the domestic air show on the display of remote wide-body aircraft cut open three-compartment layout model. In the context of the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Russia, the two countries have made significant strategic cooperation projects in pragmatic cooperation in the field of high technology. China Commercial Aviation Corporation and the Russian joint aviation manufacturing group set up a joint venture company “Sino-Russian international commercial aircraft limited liability company”, the company has obtained a business license. China and Russia also made clear the development of remote wide-body aircraft serialization program, completed the initial definition of aircraft-level indicators, clear the basic range (12000 km) and the plane (280), plans to complete the assembly in Shanghai. (End)

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