Brain research milestone! Research on Human Brain Modeling in International Brain Laboratory

Beijing Science and Technology Daily September 19 (Reporter Nie Cuirong) modeled on the formation of large-scale projects physicists search for new particles way, neuroscientists important step also in international cooperation on road. The International Brain Laboratory (IBL) announced today that 21 international first-class brain science laboratories from the United States and Europe have joined large-scale cooperation in establishing a “standard model” of brain function, according to the website of Nature. The British Wellcome Trust and the Simens Foundation will pay $ 13 million over the next five years to start the first phase of the mission. Many countries and organizations have proposed large-scale brain science projects, such as the EU “human brain plan”, the United States “brain plan”, Allen brain science research institute “brain map plan”, as well as China, Japan and Canada and other countries launched large nerve Scientific project. But these projects are independent of the country, not like the European nuclear center as the world hundreds of laboratory scientists to verify the standard model of particle physics cooperation mechanism. Now, by the nerve field scientists to participate in large-scale multinational project IBL was born. Like the European nuclear center team, IBL uses an equal exchange mechanism and a consultative decision process, and almost every day a web conference is held. IBL researchers include data analysis experts, experimental neurologists and theoretical neuroscientists who spend 20% of their time and effort on IBL matters. In the first two years, IBL will create an informatics tool that enables automated data sharing and uses experimental mice to study dietary patterns, daily exposure time and intensity, sleep patterns, and other variables. Each experimental result and data must be independently duplicated by another laboratory in accordance with the same criteria to be used to eventually create a standard working model for the brain. All members must register with the IBL website before starting an experiment. The results of the experiment must be made available to all IBL members in a timely manner. According to IBL members, the University of Geneva, Switzerland, University scientist Alexander Boujie introduced, with 13 million US dollars to complete the first phase of the task, IBL will open the second phase of the task, when more countries brain science laboratory is expected to join, test and brain How to use a variety of information to quickly make decisions about the various theories.

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