Beidou III system all the core technology has been overcome

(Reporter Fu Yifei) reporter from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation was informed that China’s Beidou III global positioning system all the core technology has been overcome, the product has entered the Development and production links. 35 Compass Global Network plans are expected to be completed by 2020.

Ran Cheng China Satellite Navigation System Management Office recently revealed that, on the basis of Compass II performance on the positioning accuracy of the Beidou III system will increase 1-2 fold, reaching 2.5 to 5 m level, and While retaining the Beidou II short message function at the same time to enhance the relevant performance. In June this year, the Compass Foundation Enhancement System provides initial services that provide meter, sub-meter, decimeter, and even centimeter, millimeter-level services that will meet the needs of the shared bicycle electronic fence.

Aerospace Science and Technology Group Beidou II Project Satellite Systems Master Yang Hui has told the Science and Technology Daily reporter, Beidou III system at the beginning of the design, put the target on the shoulder has not yet launched the third generation of GPS navigation satellites and Europe Galileo navigation system design indicators, positioning accuracy of up to 2 meters, the design life of 12 years.

The construction of the system is unique, taking the interstellar transmission, ground transmission function integrated design, to achieve the high rail, low orbit satellite and ground station link interoperability. “Beidou satellites on the other side of the earth, although we can not see, but the head of the Beidou satellite can get in touch with them.” Yang said that Beidou III satellite can use inter-satellite links to achieve mutual communication and data Transmission, but also mutual distance, automatically “to maintain the formation.” This will make the satellite more “independent” to reduce the pressure on the ground management and maintenance.

Ran Cheng, China’s first launch is expected in November Compass III global network satellite, launch 2 groups of 4 satellites before the end of this year.

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