What kind of experience is death? Most people will experience the real dreams

In addition to being born, the other thing that is destined for each of us in our lives is death. But what is the feeling of death? In addition to being born, each of us in the life of another thing that is destined to happen is death…. On our planet, about 7,000 people die every hour. But even if death is the fate that every one of us can not escape, we know little about death itself. What is death? What happens to our consciousness and body when we die? Perhaps you will guess the process of death must be very painful, but the situation may not be the case.

What happens when the human body is dead?

The cause and process of death can vary widely, so let’s assume that you are naturally dead, and at this moment you are going through the process of death. The first thing that needs to be clear is that there is no precise “death time”. Death is a gradual process, there are many gray areas, many of which we do not know the details. But even so, we can still roughly divide the death process into two stages. At the moment, your body is getting closer to the so-called “clinical death”, at this stage, your heartbeat, breathing, pulse and body circulation gradually stop. But in the next 4 to 6 minutes, your body’s cells are still alive, until the “biological death” of the arrival. At this stage, your brain cells begin to die, from the moment, death has been irreversible, the patient can not be saved again.

Okay, now you know what the definition of death is, but we do not have to worry now. We first open to explore, the process of death, the people themselves will have a kind of feelings? On this issue, the United States Stanford University palliative treatment expert James Helen Baker (James Hallenbeck) to answer.

The last few days of your life are medically called “active death” stages. At this stage, you begin to quickly lose all kinds of natural desires, as well as most of the perception. Helen Baker pointed out that all kinds of events at this stage may be in the order of occurrence:

You no longer feel hungry;

You no longer feel thirsty

Your mind is gradually disappearing;

Your touch is gradually disappearing.

Your mind is getting blurred;

Other common companions include chest tightness, shortness of breath, depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, insanity (possibly due to hypoxia), constipation or incontinence, and nausea and nausea. At this point your brain is gradually through the sacrifice of some of the necessary functions of the body to extend your life. At this point, even if your skin began to show the advent of death: your skin began to cool, the color began to become bleak, and even began to appear spots.

Soon, you will become very weak, hard to cough or swallow, your breath will be due to the accumulation of liquid in the throat and send a strange voice, doctors sometimes call it “dead throat Sound “(death rattle). However, in the doctors view, “death guttural” itself is no harm, even in the other people listen to very painful. But in fact the doctors of this phenomenon of the degree of suffering is actually very limited, because the patient at this time has been impossible to tell their feelings. Obviously, if you are burned alive or shot and killed, it must be very painful, but if you are lying on the hospital bed naturally die, then this process is what kind of feeling is very difficult to say The. Often, at this time you have a professional caregiver to take care of them, they will use a variety of drugs to control and ease your pain. And once you come to the end of life, in the last few hours you are basically in a coma, your body can no longer feel the pain, so we guess that the pain which should be achieved to a minimum.

When your body eventually dies, your brain function will soon be lost. This means that your brain will no longer be able to monitor and manage your body, so you will appear involuntary incontinence, or even ejaculation (this situation is relatively rare but does exist). So far, it sounds like everything is really uncomfortable, frightening, but do not worry, your brain has its own way.

Most people will be illusory when they are dying, and they will dream of their reunion with their loved ones, others find themselves busy preparing to go out and some people dream of some Meaningful moments in front of the scene, and some people report an end full of bright tunnels

How will a person change when he is dead?

When your body gets closer to death, your brain and consciousness will change singularly. A lot of people who have experienced a near-death experience later describe that they have experienced a strange experience at this stage, a detached feeling of “soul obsession”. Many people said they found themselves in a peaceful world with peace and their loved onesThey gathered together and felt the intimate relationship between themselves and the universe. In addition, a large number of dying experiences reported that they saw a long tunnel, the end of the tunnel is a bright. But what exactly is going on?

First of all, at such a stage, you are no longer afraid of these changes that occur on your body. In a study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the researchers compared the mental state differences between dying patients and those who were waiting to be executed and who were asked to imagine themselves about to die. The results show that when a person is more close to death, they look at the attitude of death is more positive and positive. Perhaps this is because when you know that death is coming, the concept of death is no longer abstract to you, but you have to face the reality, in which case you may be more likely to learn to accept it. Perhaps this is because at the moment of death, most people will experience peaceful and peaceful dreams and illusions.

In New York City, a dying patient care center, the researchers found that dying patients dream much more than ordinary people. 88% of the surveyed patients told the researchers that they experienced more real dreams than normal, and even these dreams continued after the patient woke up, the patient would think he was still in a dream. Most people will dream of their own family reunion with the already dead family, while others find themselves busy preparing to go out, going to a distant place to travel, and some people dream of their own life in some particularly meaningful moment in front of the scene Screen playback, flashing. For most of us, this illusion and dream will make us feel at ease and greatly reduce our fear of death.

When you reach a clinical death state, your brain seems to immediately turn into high-speed operation – the instrument will be able to detect a strong activity signal throughout your brain that will excite far stronger than normal Multiple neurochemical signals. At this point it is also the experience of those who experience the wonderful dreams of those moments. In a study, scientists found that, despite the cultural background and religious beliefs are different differences, but the world’s near-death experience in close to the moment of death almost all experienced the same feelings. However, a recent paper published in the journal Front of Human Neuroscience points out that the time of experiencing these singular feelings and the order in which they appear are vary from person to person. In other words, there is a great probability that when you die, you will experience the same vivid dreams, but the order of these dreams does not have a specific pattern.

As mentioned earlier, a feeling that is referred to by many dying experiences is the “soul out of mind experience”, usually the patient feels that he leaves his body and is suspended in the ward’s ceiling , To see themselves lying on the bed and their loved ones and doctors. This phenomenon may be due to brain hypoxia leading to the temporal border junction damage caused by functional hallucinations.

Another experience is the so-called “life playback”. A lot of your life the most memorable moment will be lifelike in front of your scene scene flashed, like your life video playback.

The third type of dream is to find yourself with the already dead relatives together – and even some people will dream of their own life has never met their ancestors meet, it was reported that they arrived at a Strange world, and see the composition of the light by the creatures. It is medically believed that severe hypoxia in the brain at this stage may produce such hallucinations.

The kind of extreme calm and peace that people feel when they are dying may be related to the instant release of large amounts of endorphins.

As at the end full of bright tunnels, this illusion may be due to death before your visual nerve into an extremely excited state and filled with a lot of carbon dioxide, causing your eyes to be particularly sensitive to light, in a short time , Your body in other areas will also appear far more than the usual sensitive state.

When you are near death, you may experience all of the above mentioned experiences, but you may also experience only one of them. Doctors can not determine when you will have any illusion, they appear in the order and there is no fixed pattern. According to the narrative of many dying experiences, these illusions and dreams make the process of death more moderate and even pleasing. When your brain and consciousness to complete its farewell dream, you are ready to meet the arrival of death frankly. We may never know what happened to people after death, perhaps nothing will happen – but at least we can be sure that when the death comes, our brains will try to help us overcome the fear, let us In the face of the most vulnerable moments of death. (Morning wind)

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