The most powerful brain copolymer Tsinghua management cross – border crack technology innovation password

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 9 news and hit the front, into the future, foresee development, September 8, 2017, “Insight Forum – technology-driven growth” was held at Tsinghua University. Forum invited to the 2012 Nobel Prize winner, the United States National Academy of Sciences, Stanford University professor Brian K. Kobilka, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tencent Chairman Ma Huateng, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, Foreign Academy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Stanford University, Professor Zhang Zhisheng of Tsinghua University, Professor of Science Department of Peking University, Professor of Life Sciences, Professor Rao Yi, Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Associate Dean, Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Tang Xiaoou, co-founder of Shang Tang Technology, Dean of Tsinghua SEM, Professor Qian Ying, a group of scientists, entrepreneurs and educators from top international universities and technology companies came to the forum Site talk technology to drive the growth of the topic, for the audience to bring a “brain burning” technology feast. Understand the forefront of science and technology, proficient in industry dynamics, the forum is divided into special lectures and roundtable two links.

Frontier Therapies Strike the forefront of science and technology

Brian K. Kobilka: 7 years, spending 2.5 billion yuan, the development of a new drug success rate may be only 15%

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Forum is the first key part of the speech, 2012 Nobel Chemistry Award winner, American Academy of Sciences, Stanford University professor Brian K. Kobilka and Tencent Chairman of the Board of Directors Ma Huateng, respectively, to G protein coupled receptor and drug discovery and exploration of new developments in scientific and technological topics published keynote speech. Being at the forefront of academia, Brian K. Kobilka shared his experience in drug research and development in his speech. He mentioned that the cost of drug research and development is very high, and the risk is very long, very time-consuming, usually speaking, to develop a successful new drug, need to spend 2.5 billion investment, the realization of the cycle is 7-12 years, Eventually only 10% to 15% of the new drug can be successfully listed. How to influence the drug development process, Brian K. Professor Kobilka pointed out that every step of the research is related to the progress of science and technology, the structure of the receptor have enough understanding before they can use the computer’s help. He also mentions his own research on sedatives, who try to make drugs activate the body’s good factors, do not activate bad factors, and reduce the side effects of sedative drugs.

Ma Teng: in the past to see “electricity”, the future look at “the use of cloud”

the future of all enterprises is the basic form of “in the cloud with artificial intelligence to deal with large data”

123> Transfers failed -> <!–转图失败 As a head of a technology company, Ma is more concerned about the development of science and technology and cross-border integration of production and research. He Tencent, for example, from three aspects to explain how technology and business can be better combined, but also for everyone to share his eyes in the future development of scientific and technological forms. First of all, Ma said that with the development of digital economy, science and technology more and more into all walks of life, in the digital and intelligent wave, technology is all industries have to pay attention. Currently in the global market value of the top ten companies, the top five within a year to become a technology, including the Internet, information technology-based enterprises. And this change is only two years of things, in the past these lists are energy and financial giants business. And this year has developed into seven companies are the Internet and technology companies, Tencent and Ali are among the list, the development of the fast moving. Subsequently, he talked about Tencent investment in a number of basic factors, the first is AI, the second is the cloud computing, the third is a big data, with Ma’s words, the future of all enterprises is the basic form of ” Artificial intelligence to deal with large data “. Tencent is more concerned about the AI ​​in the exploration, they have recently launched a similar medical products, with artificial intelligence to deal with medical images. Artificial intelligence will also be applied to the financial and other fields, as well as daily life and all aspects of business, Ma proposed that this is a big trend and trend. In the past, “electricity consumption” as a measure of the development of an industrial social indicators, and the future “with cloud cover” will also be a measure of a digital economic development indicators, Ma said. Big data is undoubtedly AI and cloud “just need” exists, this is a future direction. Finally, Ma said that the production and research needs some innovative ecology, at the same time to share his understanding of the latest cross-border integration of foreign developments, as well as Tencent summer organized by Tencent Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao youth camp situation. He believes that the production and research is promising, and hope that the industry and the school community can be more closely together to meet the future of the entire industry digital and intelligent wave.

The peak of the cross-border insight see the wisdom of the “strongest brain” to crack the scientific and technological innovation password

Insight, Brian K. Kobilka, Ma Teng, Zhang Shou Sheng, Rao Yi, Tang Xiaoou, Qian Ying one of these cross-border “the most powerful brain” gathered in the round table, around the “technology” “industry” and “education” three parts in turn to explore. Under the organization of Qian Ying, the topic focused on the different scientific and technological fields where each guest was deepened, and discussed how the technology could drive the development of the industry and the influence of the science and technology innovation on the educational system and methods.

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Transitions failed -> <!–转图失败 Moderators and guests are mentioned in the forums Understand part of Brian K. KobilkaProfessor’s speech. Ma said he only understood only 30%, and Professor Qian Yingyi ridicule may not even 30% of their own, he invited Professor Rao Yi for the popular science of G protein coupled receptor research in this area. A seemingly difficult study, Brian K. Professor Kobilka has been working for 27 years, “but it was an exciting process, learned something new, and getting some little information, which was very rewarding for the scientists.” From the small progress to get a lot of fun, this is a very important aspect of scientific discovery.

Can artificial intelligence replace the human brain? Why is it so hot? As an expert in the field of neuroscience, Rao mentioned that neuroscience research has always existed and is currently being taken seriously, and a small number of studies are caused by AI. Rao mentioned that thinking memory science fiction is far worse, we can not achieve the year of life. The progress of artificial intelligence is limited, but some specific research, such as some brain diseases and sleep problems may have some breakthrough. “The artificial intelligence simulation of adults, I think that one hundred percent are false,” Rao said.

Now artificial intelligence is hot, can be done before 2011, artificial intelligence people are “ashamed” their own research, Tang Xiaoou introduced Road 2011 is a watershed development of artificial intelligence, first because the market With the new demand, the second is to produce a lot of data, the third is the hardware training platform, and finally the depth of learning framework for the study provides the possibility that these four factors together for the artificial intelligence breakthrough to achieve the possibility. Tang Xiaoou added, AI is currently used in three directions more: one is voice recognition, the second is to see the ability, the third is the understanding of natural language, natural language is currently the hottest.

Zhang Shou Sheng mentioned that artificial intelligence is advancing by exponential growth in computing power, as well as the generation of large data and the improvement of algorithms. The computing power of the entire information age, according to the Moore theorem by the rate of rapid growth in the process of growth. The entire computer chip if the Moore theorem forward will encounter a very big bottleneck. From this start, 12 years ago, Zhang Shousheng’s team put forward the concept of topological insulators, the study was named one of the top ten inventions in 2007.

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how cross-border combination of production and research? Rao Yi adhere to the “I, E, D, U”

cross-border integration of production and research can better promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the scene of the five guests have cross-border background. Brian K. Kobilka, Zhang Shou Sheng and Tang Xiaoou have their own corporate companies, they are in the research and operation of the company in the process of a more profound experience. Brian K. Kobilka mentioned that his own business can save a lot of unnecessary steps, and his research has a mutual promotion role. People say that the entrepreneur is pain and happy with, Tang Xiaoou joke that business only pain, no happiness. The probability of China’s success is much lower than that of the United States. Entrepreneurship and all industries have to deal with, the primary appeal is to survive, so that enterprises make money. So they chose the security field to do artificial intelligence. Zhang Shou Sheng mentioned that the teacher’s support is particularly important for students to start, he shared the HP and Google’s entrepreneurial story. He mentioned that the development of human civilization must certainly need science, “since the need for science, you need to invest.” Need to invest on the need for talent, it is necessary to understand the frontier science and know how to invest, so, Zhang Jisheng set up their own investment companies to promote the development of science and technology projects, hope that the scientific thinking model used in every aspect of human civilization.

Turning to the future development of enterprises, Ma mentioned that the future of many traditional industries are combined with the Internet, with the digital combination, and even industry, manufacturing are talking about the integration of two, that is, information and industrial integration, Has begun to have this trend, and this is a tuition, he added. As the only guest who has not created a company, Rao does not deny that he may also do some industry, but he insists on the principle of “I, E, U, D”, that is, elegent, demand, unique Professor Rao Yi explained that I was important, the cause of both the basic science of the fundamental push, but also the application of value; E is important, that is, ideas and practices should be very beautiful; U is unique, do not swarm things, Only for the first time; D is demand, this thing is a demand.

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Education is important to give students a dream of the sea to cultivate their curiosity

The scene guests share their educational and technological issues from their own perspective. Brian K. Kobilka emphasizes that it is the driving force to do scientific research, he said, must love the work you do in order to drive themselves to continue to explore.

Ma said that the development of technology can provide support for the development of education. He believes that AI can be personalized education system to upgrade. Because now education can use information technology to be targeted, targetedEveryone, the feedback on the different educational content to determine the content of the next step of education. The use of information technology for remote, video broadband, and matching and matching these technical means and products can be better adapted to students and teachers to provide a more flexible approach and a better experience.

Shoucheng Zhang with their school experience explains the importance of liberal arts learning in science research, he talked about his first schooling was in liberal arts, liberal arts alike have a great effect on the development of his development. Unlike most domestic colleges and universities, Stanford University undergraduates in the first two years is not required to choose a professional, the school encourages students to learn science and engineering, but also to do the basis of human education. But in China’s science students on some “slightly lose literary talent”, Professor Zhang Shou-sheng suggested that China’s education for science and engineering students to increase liberal arts class learning. He believes that the most important thing in education is to stimulate a curiosity, which is also with the Tsinghua Institute of Management to carry out the general education coincides. <!–转图失败

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When it comes to university education how to adapt to the new era of artificial intelligence needs of the times, Tang Xiaoou said that despite the artificial intelligence hot, people do not blindly more crazy, be sure to Their own good and ability where the force. He believes that artificial intelligence and all walks of life combined, should slowly do some original technology. From the educational point of view, we must carry out science on artificial intelligence, to avoid the herd effect.

This year there are two artificial intelligence machine involved in the college entrance examination of the math test, Qian Ying on this topic to guide the guests were heated discussion: whether the advantages of China’s education will be replaced, how to stimulate students’ imagination The Rao believes that the depth of the machine after learning must be in the examination than the human powerful, but the examination does not show that can create, so the machine will not really replace people. Rao mentioned that China’s primary and secondary school science education is better than similar schools in the United States, and he suggested that the state should emphasize science and engineering education and encourage our students to study science courses. Site experts and scholars to stimulate the war is the wisdom of the spark, the audience also addressable fun!

Unbounded and coveted to let entrepreneurs know technology Tsinghua Economics Institute has been working hard to innovate the scientific and technological personnel training mode

“Science and technology is the national Xing, science and technology strong national strong.” Xi Jinping stressed that today World science and technology revolution and industrial transformation in the ascendant, we want to enhance the sense of mission, the innovation as the biggest policy, catch up, catch up. As an important place for basic research and transformation, in the new round of scientific and technological revolution, the university will further play its basic role in scientific and technological innovation. Tsinghua University in the history of the development of modern science and technology in China, Tsinghua in energy, materials, construction, environment, chemical, aerospace, advanced manufacturing and other fields have made a large number of outstanding academic achievements, The development and innovation of science and technology in China. <!–转图失败

The background of Tsinghua University, the establishment of science and technology projects has a natural advantage, the college has always insisted on integration with the University, in promoting the cultivation of innovative talents carried out a series of attempts. After years of exploration and accumulation, the college realized that the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation personnel to change the inertia of thinking, breaking the boundaries of disciplines, cultivating cross-border thinking is the future of personnel clearance password. September 6, Tsinghua University, ushered in the “Tsinghua – Green Teng future science and technology school” (hereinafter referred to as the school) the first batch of students. Tsinghua management and Tencent cross-border cooperation in the beginning of the school project has been concerned about the first batch of 48 students from more than 1,000 applications of dark horse technology enterprises were selected, the 48 frontier science and technology projects total assessment Worth more than 89 billion. Is committed to the next unicorn into the innovative DNA, the school hopes to use the power of academia, so that high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship “seeds” have a better landing “soil” to achieve cutting-edge technology from academic to practice exploration, from scientific research To the transformation of business models, enabling the future industry entrepreneurs, to create a new impetus to China’s economy.

If the “Tsinghua – Green Teng Future Science and Technology School” is a successful cross-border exploration, then the College of the follow-up “technology +” project will be more emphasis on unbounded integration, is committed to helping senior management and Technology practitioners to establish a global perspective, to build a platform for them to communicate, so that unbounded circles, and guide them to make accurate judgments on future trends for China’s scientific and technological progress and the development of the world’s economy.

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