Stay in the International Space Station for nearly a month SpaceX’s capsule returned to Earth

SpaceX confirmed that Dragon capsule has been successfully landed in the Pacific, before the success of the capsule will be supplies, laboratory materials and other goods into space, then press the press, according to the press Plan to return to Earth.

In the August implementation of the SpaceX CRS-12 re-supply task, Dragon flew into space, the goods sent to the International Space Station. Dragon sends a lot of lab materials to the International Space Station, including a supercomputer made by HPE, which aims to test whether the software hardening technology can run the computer in harsh environments. The so-called software hardening is said that many functions with hardware before, can now be replaced with software, so that there is no need to modify the hardware.

After nearly a month of stay in the International Space Station, Dragon brought back many experimental results and other cargoes. The capsule was returned to the ground using a parachute, successfully landed and brought back, and could be analyzed by ground researchers.

SapceX has repeatedly used Dragon capsule to complete the re-supply task, it is the 12th success for the International Space Station delivery. This time SpaceX uses a new capsule, SpaceX hopes to use the renovation of the Dragon to the International Space Station delivery, the use of these spaces before.

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