“Net red” article is equal to academic papers, who is it?

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Xu Bin

quiet weekend, Zhejiang University “put a gun.” September 16, Xinhua News Agency reported that Zhejiang University issued a new regulations, teachers and students in the media and its “two micro-end” published articles will be identified as the domestic authority, a core and other academic journal papers, and Included in the promotion of evaluation and evaluation awards. In this regard, some people say, professors want to fight “net red” the.

users say, not to belittle the “net red”, is in the image that the academic research and media communication of the nature of the two very different. Whether natural science or humanities research, the goal is to expand the human cognitive territory, are serious, rigorous and professional work. The level of a paper, whether to enhance human understanding of the unknown world, to be determined by the academic community. With the deepening of academic research, can make such evaluation of the group is also more and more refined. Newspaper network to consider more is the effect of communication, academic community is difficult to play a role. It is hard to say to the extent to which the new paper can fit the original goal of academic research.

Even if not talk about professional, fought in the press network is no scholars wish. Academic freedom is the highest goal of academic, and scholars are hopeless to explore the unknown, the true description of the world, so that the research results become a useful part of human cognitive process. For the academic administration, research programs leading academic research and other phenomena of all kinds of words, are related to this consideration. However, in the media to obtain “reading volume”, is outside the academic requirements. Can be expected such a scene, scholars in the pen to write “papers” before, to figure out whether the article in line with the mainstream media coverage style, how to cater to the reader preferences … …

In recent years, criticism of our academic circles Many, the key is the paper too “water”. One of the reasons behind the promotion is to pay too much emphasis on papers published. The Zhejiang University of the new regulations specifically on the newspaper network articles reprint, read the amount of requirements. This can make “domestic” papers out of “useless” disease?

And do not say that the new regulations are still emphasized in the paper published with the promotion of the direct relationship between the evaluation, said the “net red” thesis, starting point away from the original intention of academic research, and evaluation of employment is a kind of water injection. Moreover, in the highly developed technology today, the amount of volume, reading and other indicators can really represent the influence of the article, but also a question worthy of discussion. Zhejiang New regulations not only to get rid of the success of the wind is not good, but may become some opportunistic scholars to create a new path of false prosperity.

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