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Science and Technology Daily Beijing September 17 electrical & nbsp; (Deng Meng & nbsp; Xiao Jianjun & nbsp; correspondent Fu Yifei) at 16:15 on the 17th, after nearly five months of post-flight, tianzhou 1 Cargo spacecraft according to plan with the Temple II space laboratory to complete the separation, continue to carry out the expansion before the application and related tests.

15:29 the same day, the ground to send instructions, day boat one cargo spacecraft and Temple II space laboratory implementation of separation. According to the procedure, the day boat is separated to the rear 120 meters and the position is maintained, the ground confirms the normal state, the order controls the normal evacuation of the sun on the 1st, the sun on the 1st to establish a three-axis stability to ground flight attitude, at a height of about 400 km Of the near-round track began to run independently.

According to the plan, the day on the 1st will also carry out a number of expansion tests to improve the comprehensive application of benefits, but also for the development and operation of space station management and accumulated experience.

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