China brain science research program is expected by the end of the introduction of investment scale than the United States

China “Brain Project” is expected to introduce by the end of

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Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience Poo recently revealed exclusively to First Financial: Chinese “Brain Project” (Brain Science Program ) Plans to launch by the end of this year.

China “brain plan” after more than three years brewing, has been included as a major science and technology projects, “thirteen five” plan. As early as 2015, Chinese scientists on the brain science and brain research in China, “one body two wings,” the deployment reached a preliminary consensus. The so-called “one body” is to explain the human cognitive basis (core) as the main body and the core; “wings” refers to the study of major brain diseases and through the calculation and system simulation to promote artificial intelligence research.

“The first financial journalists found that the United States and the EU’s” brain plan “investment is expected to total size of 6 billion US dollars and 1 billion euros (respectively), the first batch of financial research and development, About $ 1.2 billion) for a period of up to 10 years.

The introduction of the “brain plan” will not only help scientists better understand the etiology of Alzheimer’s syndrome, depression and other diseases, for the development of Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) is also great benefit.

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Pu Mu-ming on the evening of September 16 to participate in the Fudan University held in China Science and Technology feast – “2017 Year Award” awards ceremony on the first Financial reporter made the above statement. He said that the past few years, although the field of brain science research in China has made significant progress, but the progress of this area is slow, “but the brain plan will soon be formally introduced, the end of this year.”

“China brain plan” launched by the popular. Europe and the United States in 2013 has been fully launched for the future of brain science research program. China will be at the end of 2014, “brain plan” project as a national key scientific research projects, means that human beings in revealing the mystery of the brain is crossing the gully.

Last month, Pu Mu-ming, Guo Aike and other academicians in the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a feature article on brain science and brain-like intelligence to elaborate: “brain science and brain-like intelligence technology is the forefront of international important technology, its It is an important strategic area for the development of human health and a new generation of artificial intelligence technology and new information industry, which is an important strategic area for international science and technology. ‘China brain plan’ will enable our country to be in the international frontier position in the next 15 years. 123>

article said that brain science and brain-like intelligence technology learn from each other, the integration of the development of the international scientific community in recent years, the emergence of new trends. Brain science research on the understanding of the brain’s cognitive neural principles, to enhance the human understanding of their own and the level of brain disease diagnosis and treatment, but also for the development of brain computing systems and devices, breaking the traditional computer architecture provides an important basis for the constraints.

The article also mentions that brain disease is a major challenge facing our country and the global population health field. There are nearly 1 billion brain disease patients around the world each year about the economic burden of 1 trillion US dollars. At present, the vast majority of brain disease has no effective treatment.

, director of Fudan University Brain Research Institute of the Academic Committee Yang Xiong in the Academy of Sciences said in an interview earlier this year: “The future applications of brain science and brain science achievement, has now caused widespread concern in the scientific community and the public. Only for the operation of the brain have a more profound understanding in order to promote the development of various related disciplines. “

For example, scientists, including Alzheimer’s syndrome, Parkinson, schizophrenia, depression, drugs Addiction and central nervous system injury and other diseases of the etiology, the formation of the pathogenesis is still no clear understanding. Scientists hope that based on the “human brain map” and other latest research results based on the early diagnosis of these diseases, and develop more effective treatment.

The introduction of the brain program, for the development of Chinese artificial intelligence also has great benefits. It is expected that the link between brain science and information science, computational science and other engineering sciences will be closer and interaction will be more active.

at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the General Assembly explorers Mo salon last month jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai neurological researcher GUO Ai grams academician, he said: “With the link map brain function, helps to understand the perfection of the human brain.”

Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012 launched a brain function link map project to study the various levels of the brain under the neural loop, neural network and neural link map, help people understand the mechanism of brain work, for the brain intelligence or artificial Smart brings inspiration. Since 2013, the United States and the European Union have launched a future-oriented “brain plan”, with a view to taking the initiative.

America’s “Brain Project” is committed to using new technological means depicting the human brain atlas to explore the brain mechanism; the EU’s “Brain Project” is hoping to information and communication technology (ICT), the build system Generation, analysis, integration, simulation data researchPlatform, so as to promote the development of human brain science research.

The American “brain plan” is led by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with more than a dozen research institutions involved in the program. In September 2013, the NIH Brain Program Working Group presented nine funding areas in the 2014 fiscal year, including statistical brain cell types, the creation of brain structure maps, and the development of large-scale neural network recording techniques. Statistics show that by the 2016 fiscal year, NIH to brain plan project investment up to 135 million US dollars.

This month, according to the US Senate passed the new draft of the 2018 fiscal year (October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018), the annual increase of $ 2 billion in the previous two years will continue, The increase is twice that of the House version, reaching 6%. In the new draft, Alzheimer’s R & D spending increased by 30%, more than 400 million more than last year; brain science R & D investment increased, drawing the brain activity map of the human brain plan to increase capital 1.4 Billion dollars, 2018 fiscal year will be invested a total of 400 million US dollars; precision medical research funding increased by 60 million US dollars.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai nerve deputy party secretary Wang Zuo Ren was quoted data Life Science, Peking University professor Rao Yi provided by the US National neuroscience research funding each year is $ 5.0 billion, China $ 200 million, only 4% of the United States. Wang Zaoren told the first financial reporter: “This is not considered the US private funds to invest in scientific research, if added, the gap is greater.”

EU “brain plan” more than a hundred European institutions And research centers, the project will last for 10 years, the European Commission and participating countries will provide nearly 1.2 billion euros. The plan is divided into three important stages, namely, the “quick start” phase from October 2013 to March 2016, the “operational phase” from April 2016 to August 2018, and the “stable phase” of the last three years, The In the fast start-up phase, six information and communication technology research platforms have been completed on time to enable scientists to share, compile and simulate brain research data.

In September last year, the EU announced an increase of nearly 100 million euros for the brain plan. The European Commission in the “human brain plan report” pointed out that brain science research is of great significance to human beings, to explore the human brain operation mechanism will help develop new methods of brain disease treatment, and the establishment of revolutionary information and communication technology. The main obstacle to the current brain study is data fragmentation, so there is an urgent need to integrate data through information and communication technology, the integration of previously dispersed research, in-depth understanding of the relationship between brain structure and function to provide a new perspective, And provide scientists with a new research service platform.

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