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newspaper Jinan September 17 electric (China Youth Daily reporter Xing Ting · Youth Online) occurred in April this year, Of the “tumor biology” revoked the 107 Chinese papers of the event, the recent still in the fermentation. Reporters noted that there are a number of involved in the subject by the handling of the agency. Ministry of Science and Technology official said, has formed a clear view of the 76 papers involved 376 people, the parties involved in the unit has put forward a specific treatment, is to pay close attention to the implementation of relevant procedures. August 31, Shandong University Affiliated Provincial Hospital, Shandong Provincial Academy of Medical Sciences Affiliated Hospital at the same time the hospital staff involved in the “tumor biology” retreat papers involved in the treatment of the decision, including the abolition of the chief physician Professional qualifications, to give administrative warning, scientific research integrity commandments and other disciplinary action.

Among them, the Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences in its official website published processing decisions, including the abolition of the first two authors of the qualifications of the doctor, paid the award of the paper, the party warnings; integrity integrity Conversation, credited to the integrity of credit information system; ordered to write a written examination, the hospital informed criticism.

As the author, Shandong Provincial Affiliated Provincial Hospital has appeared in six articles, including: the first author unit 2, the common communication author unit 1, non-main author unit 3 Articles.

It is understood that on May 8, Shandong University Affiliated Provincial Hospital Dean Office meeting on the “tumor biology” retreat papers involved in dealing with the decision: First, the full recovery of the published papers awards; The second is to recommend the Shandong University of the relevant graduate students to make the appropriate treatment; Fifth, the relevant personnel to give the hospital informed of the relevant information; (2) to abolish the relevant personnel within two years of the hospital assessment evaluation qualifications; third is to cancel the graduate tutor within two years of graduate tutor declaration and graduate enrollment qualifications; criticism. At present these processing decisions have been fully implemented.

In addition to Shandong two hospitals, there are a number of hospitals and colleges and universities across the country have been involved in dealing with the matter involved, involving a different degree of treatment.

For example, there are four papers of the author of the hospital for the staff of the Taizhou Municipal Hospital in the decision to permanently cancel one of the people to declare a scientific and technological plan (special, fund, etc.) project qualifications. September 12, East China Normal University announced the withdrawal of the incident to deal with the decision to lift the paper and the author of the first author Lu Jinkui employment contract; academic misconduct into the integrity of credit credit information system; chase Back to the use of withdrawal papers received by the school-level science and technology awards bonuses.

August 31, Shaoxing University announced the decision, replacing someone’s teacher Chen Jiayu of Basic Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, director of the office, cancel its declaration of Science and Technology Plan (projects, funds, etc.) project eligibility year, and remember Into the Ministry of Science and Technology research serious misconduct behavior record database.

It is understood that in the process of the withdrawal of the incident, “the General Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology on the collection of papers on the collection of papers on the guidance of the letter” Hospitals and colleges and universities issued an important basis for the relevant views.

The document was issued on June 14, the relevant papers on the subject of the treatment standards and policy boundaries to make the relevant provisions, including the fraud and other acts of the paper, the classification of irregularities and accountability.

Specifically, the classification of irregularities and the accountability of the relevant provisions, the breakdown of the 11 cases and detailed provisions of the corresponding approach.

For example, the author of the paper to the “third party” to buy academic papers, commissioned by the “third party” to write academic papers or in the name of language to modify the real content, cancel its promotion job title, , Funds, etc.) projects such as qualifying 5 to 7 years; the circumstances are serious, the permanent cancellation of its declaration of science and technology programs (special, funds, etc.) projects and other qualifications. At the same time, credited to scientific research and other areas of credit information system.

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