Zombie can not exist for the ten reasons: no dentist will not defecation

According to foreign media reports, zombie fans often “zombie” of the end of the world have romantic fantasy…. They would rather give up nine to five years of office life, bring baseball bat and gun, dwelling in the forest, in fear of life. Do not know how long we can survive in this case. Perhaps finally sent us on the West is not a zombie, but the lack of prescription drugs, gasoline and clean water. In short, it is best not to let the zombie appear in this world.

1, zombie no dentist

The enamel on the tooth surface is the hardest substance in your body. This hard coat can protect your teeth when chewing. Just take care of it, it can be accompanied by life. Of course, the key word here is “take care”. If you love to drink sugar-containing carbonated drinks, the use of dental floss, all kinds of dental diseases will make you complain incessantly.

Even if the zombie has teeth, they usually do not brush twice a day. With their gums rotten, the enamel is broken, and the teeth of the zombie will become potholes, and the scars are all over, and then fall off one by one, even if you want to bite you.

However, the zombie’s teeth may be their last shot of the organ. Even if the zombie’s teeth become neat, if you accidentally broke into their encirclement, these teeth are still powerful weapons.

Of course, these may not happen at all. For now, there is no radiation leak or fungal infection will lead to the world was zombie occupation.

To the good side, you do not have to run on hundreds of thousands of zombies to come to their own, for fear they eat your face and brain. But it also means that your set of fine zombie survival manual is not useful. In any case, the zombie from the physical point of view can not exist, but will not cause a real threat to mankind.

and so these teeth fall out, zombie may have bitter days. The stomach of a human is like a muscle made of a bag that can hold 30 ounces (about 0.88 liters) of liquid and solids.

If you enjoy a meal, the capacity of the stomach can be moderately increased. Some people eager to lose weight even at the expense of doing gastrectomy.

But the zombie can not join the weight loss camp. They are fighting super strong food, anxious to be able to find every brain into the stomach.

This way of eating will cause some problems. It is not to say that will affect the body, but these foods in the body nowhere to go.

Because the zombie body function is not perfect, their digestive system may not be perfect, there may be gaps and loopholes. In this way, the zombie can not absorb any nutrients from the food.

Of course, because only a small number of organs in the body can operate, they swallow the brain may not be able to excrete the body, all hoarding in the stomach. With the zombie eat more and more brains, can not digest the food can only silently fermented, resulting in gas, and finally break the zombie stomach wall.

No matter what zombie eat, the final outcome is only one: fermented in the stomach, the last explosion.

3, zombie wounds can not be restored

Before the invention of antibiotics, simple injuries will be enough to allow healthy people in the ghost door before a walk. Wounds to the dust and bacteria can take advantage of the machine, invading your internal organs. But as long as the correct disinfection, such as washing the wound and hand washing, most people can successfully recover, although the recovery process is longer than now, and sometimes have long-term side effects.

human tissue can be regenerated and self-healing, zombie can not. Once they are injured, regardless of the depth of the wound, can never be restored. Imagine that you have been cut by the paper, this little wound not only can not heal, but also gradually become wider and wider, more and more deep, and finally see the bone, until the last piece of flap off.

A slight scratches will be enough to make the zombie suffered peeling pain, skin burns will make it more intuitive. But these are not bad, after all, no one is willing to be so long when the zombie.

These wounds will only get worse. The zombie’s skin has no self-healing function.

4, zombie transmission efficiency is low

Nature has created some rather terrible way to spread bacteria. For example, measles virus can spread by coughing and sneezing. This disease is highly infectious, 90% of the patient contacts will be infected with the disease. And measles virus is very tenacious, can survive in vitro for two hours or so, floating in the air, waiting for a person who is not prepared to inhale, and then start to reproduce the proliferation.

Zombies will be infected by biting humans. This kind of communication has many problems, the first is the very low efficiency.

First, the zombie to seize someone’s time must be long enough to have the opportunity to mouth. For the lack of arms and legs of the zombies, to do this is still very difficult. Secondly, bite need to spend a lot of time and fineforce. Flesh constantly rotten to the zombie these two are not good. Finally, bite requires physical contact with the victim. If the survivors are vigilant, hide and hide, these cold, slow zombie is difficult to have the opportunity to close to humans.

The quality of the zombie virus is very low by bite. Zombie bite is more meaningless.

5, sensory insecurity

Visual, auditory, tactile, taste and sense of smell are the key to our survival. Without these five senses, we can only aimlessly wandering around the world, eating poisonous grass, in the door frame hit the nose and blue, the toes knock on the legs and so on.


Since the senses of the zombie have not been effectively integrated, it is difficult to figure out how they are conducting critical actions to search for juicy brains. As the body rotates, the soft tissue of the zombie’s eye will first become seventy and eight, so that they can only blindly touch the eyes to touch. Their ears and other parts of the auditory system will also be distorted and broken. Become deaf and blind, the zombie can only rely on their own sense of smell. And with their own organs in the intestines rot, smell will be greatly disturbed.

This means that the zombie can only wander around with the touch in the world. If the number is large, a small number of zombies may occasionally catch one or two victims. But the functional human in most cases can avoid these monsters.

I want to eat your mind … but I can not see you.

hyenas, bears, wolves, foxes and ferocious wild dogs. When the end of the world comes, your fear of these animals should be no less than the fear of zombies. They are flexible, sometimes very ferocious and brutal. If hungry, their courage will be greater, more willing to attack healthy human.

So what do these animals react to the appearance and smell of “zombie”? If the emergence of zombies has led to the end of the world, not only surviving human beings need to deal with the challenges of hunger, their animal companions as well. Like humans, these animals will be desperate for survival, even if it means to be someone who has been someone else’s beloved people linger, half dead body for food.

Not only is the animal chain at the top of the animal will attack, mice, raccoons and other small animals if the opportunity, will be happy to take the lack of arms and legs, waiting for the deadline of the zombie to fill his stomach.

This dog is waiting for the time.

7, metabolic failure

Human need to ingest food, chemical energy can be transformed into the activities necessary for survival, such as breathing, breeding and so on. Maintaining these processes is the body’s metabolism, which covers all the chemical reactions that occur in the human body.

In theory, zombies need to digest the brain, because they also need nutrition to maintain their own physiological function. There is only one problem – the zombie is not actually alive. They do not have any form of surrogate capacity.

Starting from the food we chew, the nutrients that enter the body will begin to break down. Here is the main credit of the stomach, it will be these nutrients into the survival of the required calories.

And the zombie does not exist metabolic. Even if they suddenly help, get the energy to swallow a few delicious brain, their stomach (if the stomach) can not make nutrients into energy, resulting in their dead, no life at all.

Stupid zombies, you can not digest this piece of meat!

8, zombies lack of immunity

since ancient times, viruses, fungi, bacteria and other microbes will often attack humans in the form of the plague, shorten life expectancy, so that people suffering Unbearable. But until 1800, we found that the smallest microbes are often the largest human health of the enemy, such as smallpox or AIDS.

Our immune system is filled with white blood warriors, who are responsible for resisting the infection and saving our lives, at least for a while. If a person lacks immunity, they are infected with a variety of diseases.

This is the dilemma faced by the zombie because they do not have an immune system at all. For countless bacteria, fungi and viruses, the zombie is simply the perfect dish, which can be eaten from the inside to the outside.

These zombies need not the brain, but antibiotics.

9, the full collapse of athletic ability

To some extent, we like this machine like a machine, the muscles, tendons, bones are interlinked, we can Make a variety of actions. If a part of the system is wrong, the action will be greatly hampered. Therefore, the most puzzling of the modern imagination of the zombie is that they are in the body when the flesh and blood can move as usual, sometimes faster and scary. Let alone they have no brain at all.

By sending electrical signals from the brain to muscle cells, the human central nervous system controls the whole body’s muscle activity. In the instructions of the gray matter of the brain, the corresponding muscles will shrink. Many zombie looks serious damage to the head, leading to brain dysfunction, so simply can not complete the “forward” action.

Do not be afraid of this rotten face ferocious face. Its muscles and the central nervous system simply can not attack you.

10, zombie most afraid of hot and humid weather

Have you ever been to Atlanta in August? The word “suffocating” is not enough to describe the terrible environment of high temperature and humidity. The city of North Dakota in January is another scene, if you do not have more protection in the outdoor wandering, minutes will be frozen into an ice.

For zombies, the changing weather on Earth will bring many problems. Hot and humid environment conducive to insects and bacteria breeding, thereby speeding up the decay of the zombie flesh. Dry heat in the desert is just a few hours can be a zombie into a mummy.

In addition, the winter will make zombie bones become fragile and fragile than it is now. Even the slightest explosion, or gently hit, will make them crushed, and even their weight will be enough to crush themselves.

Not to mention the sun in the ultraviolet, hurricane, heavy rain, Blizzard and other issues. Of course, perhaps it is because of these bad weather, zombie is more willing to stay in the basement, cellars and abandoned prisons and other places. (Leaves)

zombie generally do not take umbrella. Even if the umbrella, they sooner or later can not stand such a weather.

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