Yuan Longping academician 88-year-old birthday has been concerned about this matter

September 5, Hunan Provincial Standing Committee, Provincial Party Committee United Front Minister Huang Lanxiang (right) came to the provincial hybrid rice research center, visit Yuan Longping academician (left).

Qingdao sea rice test base. September 7, “the father of hybrid rice” Yuan Longping academicians will usher in their 88-year-old (virtual age) birthday.

Although the ripe old age, but Yuan old still full of energy. A week before his birthday, he also hesitate to travel hard, went to Qingdao, Shandong, Jiangxi Xinyu, to understand the sea rice experimental base and super rice experimental field of high yield of rice research situation. the morning of September 5, by the Central United Front Work Department and the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Director Du Jiameng commissioned, Hunan Provincial Standing Committee, Provincial Party Committee United Front Minister Huang Lanxiang came to the Provincial Hybrid Rice Research Center , To visit Yuan Longping academician, and sent him a birthday blessing.


talk about their birthday wishes, Yuan Lao said to “continue to pursue high yield and higher yield.” At the same time, he carefully guide the test of the sea rice is about to enter the mature period, “if the sea rice try to promote success, according to the per acre of salt and alkali production value of 200 kg to 300 kg, China can increase grain 50 billion kilograms, Chinese people! “

Why grow rice?

In the age of 88 this age, Yuan Longping academicians why another planting, promote the dream of rice? Perhaps many people do not understand the reason. However, in Yuan Longping home, a hanging “special” map of China told us the answer. This is a map of China’s saline-alkali distribution, the map shows that China’s inland has nearly 15 million mu of saline land. If these are not fully utilized, it will be a great loss of resources.

In June this year, by the Yuan Longping academician launched the Qingdao sea rice cultivation pilot project formal test to try, this is the first batch of experimental trials of rice experiments. The project is mainly responsible for salt and rice improvement national demonstration project, is expected to harvest in late October, early November to complete the harvest, per mu about 300 kg to 500 kg.

The reason why set this goal, Yuan Longping said, rice need to fertilize, irrigation, pest control … … these are the cost. At present, the production of rice is not high, only about 100 kilograms per mu, is semi-wild state, farmers do not even return the cost back. “If you can increase to 300 kg per mu, kind of sea rice on the plan to come.”

Once the sea rice try to promote, after the success of the calculation, according to the per acre of salt production value of about 200 kg to 300 kg, Can increase grain production of about 50 billion kilograms. This is not only a huge impact on China’s food security, and even profound changes in the fate of mankind.

“harvest season I want to go to the field test”

Yuan Longping introduction, at present, in Qingdao to try the sea rice project is his invitation to the International Rice, , The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other rice research institutes to participate in, and jointly domestic well-known rice breeding experts, salt-tolerant high-yielding rice, super hybrid rice and high light effect of the three directions of scientific and technological achievements into. The project is characterized by hybridization routes, with the third generation engineering sterile line technology as the core, salt and alkali-resistant rice as the starting point, and is committed to rice breeding and cultivation technology research and development.

After screening, there are now four or five varieties in the 0.6% of the normal concentration of seawater. “Now the sea rice has entered the filling period, to the harvest season, I want to go to the scene measured production.” Yuan Longping academician said he was confident in three years to cultivate anti-sea water salinity of more than 0.6%, the output of more than 300 kilograms of new varieties.

At present, these sea rice can only be regarded as “material”, after several rounds of screening, purification and breeding, hybridization 8 generations later, in order to obtain a relatively stable traits. After three to five years of testing, access to national varieties after approval, are eligible to market. By then, Yuan Longping’s “sea rice dream” will be achieved.

This is a 88-year-old scientist’s story: hard work, the life immersed in the rice field; house benevolence, the common people in my heart!

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