Xu Chenyang: Peking University and Princeton’s Mathematical Cycle

September 9, the second session of the future scientific awards announced, Peking University Beijing International Mathematical Research Center Professor Xu Chenyang won the Mathematics and Computer Science Award. From Peking University to Princeton, and then back to Peking University, the young mathematician in the double rational algebraic geometry has made a profound contribution to its academic road has what kind of story? Fast speech speed, people envy his thinking of the conversion and jump; careful logic, people marvel at the breadth and depth of his thinking; young ambition, people admire his exploration of perseverance and firmness. The The The The The He is the Peking University Beijing International Mathematical Research Center Professor Xu Chenyang. This is a new generation of leading journalists in the field of algebraic geometry with outstanding research results. Despite the outstanding achievements of the Young Scholar Award, the China Youth Science and Technology Award, the Distinguished Professor of the Changjiang Scholars, the Ramanu Gold Award and so on But he has always modestly stressed: “I am not a mathematician, just a math worker, to explore mathematics is my interest.” Perhaps this is his position on his own – painstaking mathematics research And education, the mathematics as a lifetime of love. 5 years ago, Xu Chenyang intend to return home. He sent a brief message to several of his friends. Friends are surprised. He is a math star, received his Ph.D. from the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University, and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked with collaborators to solve some of the well-known conjectures in the field of algebraic geometry, and many American universities sent him a faculty invitation. The mathematician is an environmentally sensitive group. The last heaven of mathematics is Gauss, Riemann, Hilbert of the German Göttingen School, but the fascist administration gave it a fatal blow. World War II, the original backwardness of the United States received a large number of masters of mathematics, a world math center. However, in 2012, 31-year-old Xu Chenyang still chose to leave the United States, Beijing International Mathematical Research Center as the first associate professor. This is a new institution of his alma mater Peking University. Over the next five years, Xu maintained a strong creative, growing algebra in the field of algebraic geometry for the young mathematician. He was awarded the 2016 Annual International Center for Theoretical Physics Ramanu Gold Award; he was invited to the 45-minute report at the 4th International Conference of Mathematicians; he and an Italian mathematician were named 2017/2018 Gala lecture “selected. Among the eight people who were recruited in the Poincare lecture, seven were in North America and only from China. Xu Chenyang nearly shadow followed his heart from the time the interest in math contest with excellent results, select that day walked the Department of Mathematics, Peking University, followed his heart’s choice, pay attention to the interest lies, has become Xu Chenyang made a lot of life choices is an important criterion. “In fact, I can also choose other schools or other professional, but my favorite mathematics, Peking University School of Mathematical Sciences and therefore naturally become the best choice.” Decisive and firm choice confirmed Xu Chenyang love of mathematics, interest has always been guided With his development in the direction of mathematical exploration. After the beginning of the University of learning, Xu Chenyang biggest experience is that he seems to have entered another world, university mathematics learning is completely different from the high school mathematics learning a new world. Here, he realized the new ideas of mathematical research, tried a new method of mathematical exploration. Immersive in this world to get the joy and satisfaction prompted Xu Chenyang in the freshman will be determined – to study the work of mathematics as a career. “University of mathematics to be much more interesting, much more deeply, I was very simple idea, I think if you can, this life is probably a mathematical work.” So, when many students choose to engage in the community more popular career Such as the financial industry, when the mathematician as a career in the community is not widely understood, Xu Chenyang still choose to follow the call of interest, because he is loyal to his heart: “I like math, for me, there is no occupation Better than this. “In the undergraduate learning stage, Xu Chenyang first contact with algebraic geometry. Although the algebraic geometry has long been an important direction recognized by the international mathematical community, but it was still in the early development of China, the curriculum system is not perfect. However, these factors can not stop Xu Chenyang algebraic geometry of curiosity. “First, I like to do geometric; second, I am interested in algebraic methods, so I will determine the algebraic geometry as their own research direction.” Clear academic interest in Xu Chenyang, in order to further explore the mystery of algebraic geometry, decided to go out Look at it. After completing three years of undergraduate study and two years of master’s studies at Peking University, he chose to go to the other side of the ocean and continue his studies and research at Princeton University in the United States. During his Ph.D. degree in mathematics at Princeton University, Xu Chenyang studied under the famous world-class algebraic geographer János Kollár, who was recognized as a harsh and demanding professor in the math circle, that would be the case for most people There are tangled, but for Xu Chenyang, his principle is very simple: “Although there is such a risk, but I know the last let me make a choice or interest. Select Kollár, because I love his research direction. Xu Chenyang remember that when he was at Princeton, some professors taught the question being studied. His doctoral tutor opened a new lesson, while lectures while trying to solve some of the areas that did not solve the problem. One week, the course was canceled because the professor did not make new results in the past few weeks. Time to prove that the choice of compliance with the interests of the choice is often the most appropriate, under the influence and guidance of Professor Kollár, Xu Chenyang extended the mathematical perspective, formed a large area of ​​algebraic geometry as an organism as a whole concept, In the field of algebraic geometry to find the basic problem of insight. These improvements in the knowledge of algebraic geometry constitute the basis of his later research and have always inspired him not only to meet the ordinary work, but to attack a fundamental and important problem. Calmly deal with the sense of insecurity Xu Chenyang mainly engaged in the basic mathematical field of algebra geometric direction of the study, in the field of high-dimensional algebra geometric field has made a series of breakthrough results – he provedThe rise of the logarithmic threshold of the conjecture, which greatly facilitates the positive feature of the three-dimensional minimal model program, makes a breakthrough in the minimal model of the logarithmic singularity; he proves that Tian Gang and Donaldson about the K-stability definition The paper analyzes the problems that exist in the preface of “geometric invariant theory”, and systematically studies and develops the theory of duality complex … the academic achievements of Xu Chenyang Become algebraic geometric field deserved young leader mathematician. However, when everyone is on the young and promising mathematician praised the time, only Xu Chenyang know that in the mathematical exploration of the road must be patient and bear the frustration and loss. “In the years of my master’s degree or doctor’s degree, I often have a sense of frustration in my studies.” In fact, most of the mathematicians are unable to advance research, and I can not do it now. Is the norm of mathematical research. “Xu Chen Yang in the normal, in fact, many mathematicians have the same feelings. Japanese mathematician Mori Wen once said: “I think every mathematician will have no new things tomorrow fear.” Indeed, the moment of insecurity for many mathematicians is a normal, Xu Chenyang not Except, but he knows how to deal with the so-called insecurity, he knows that in mathematics research, although not something is normal, but the frustration and loss of mind should not become the norm of the mathematical workers. “I did not have any results in the fourth year of my Ph.D., and I tried a lot of things that year, none of them succeeded, but that was the case when several successful things were succeeded in the postdoctoral period. It seems that there is no out of the results of exploration, may not send an article, but my research is actually very helpful. Mathematics is actually from the wrong to find the right path, I remember that mathematicians have said before, mathematics is right The direction of making mistakes. Each mistake is in the right direction closer to the step. “Xu Chenyang said with a smile. Indeed, the face of things can not do the norm, Xu Chenyang always able to calm and calm attitude and perseverance to explore to deal with, which is enough to explain why he can not see the frustration and loss of others to open up their own The road to become algebraic geometric research field leader. Because he never gave up, never afraid of insecurity, from beginning to end, calmly deal with. In 2016 in ICTP to receive the Ramanu Gold Award, and ICTP Chairman Fernando Quevedo photo to cultivate more outstanding mathematicians In 2012, the Central Organization Department of “young people plan” announced, Xu Chenyang as the first batch of selected talent, The opportunity to work back to Peking University. And this is his wish, student era, he was determined to eager to one day to help China build their own algebra geometric school, back to Peking University is undoubtedly the best chance to achieve their aspirations. Xu Chenyang to consider returning home, attracting overseas talent “thousands of people plan” launched for young people “young people plan”. He was the first to be selected. Among the young teachers of the Beijing University of Science and Technology, the proportion of four outstanding young scholars, known as the “Four Young” – is about 10 percent, and the proportion of the math center is close to 100 percent. Selected “Youth thousands of people plan”, but also from the national application to 1 million to 200 million in research funding. Xu Chenyang said that such a grant, foreign may only those “famous place” will be provided. “I am engaged in the direction of algebra geometric direction is not too much of the direction of Chinese mathematics, I would like to have the opportunity to come back to build this area, hoping to make China in this field of mathematics to achieve from scratch, from weak to strong The development and breakthrough, so always wanted to come back, but did not expect the opportunity to come so fast. “In the eyes of many people, if you choose to stay abroad, Xu Chenyang will get better academic resources and more development opportunities. But when the “Young Thousand Talents Program” was announced, Xu Chenyang wrote a message to many of the best mathematicians in the United States: “I have resigned from Utah this week and will return home full time.” Quiet and short words show Xu Chenyang for the return of the firm belief, but in the friends stirred up the Melaleuca, in the eyes of most people, this is a difficult decision, but in Xu Chenyang view, this is his best choice. “If you do not have this math center, I may not come back so fast.” Xu Chenyang that Peking University and the top schools in the United States compared to the existence of the gap, but the mathematical center of the “small environment” ideal. Xu Chenyang in the next year to return home professor. As long as he is willing, he could have served directly as a professor at other Chinese universities, and skip the promotion phase, but he said: “I am more adaptable to the new system.” Most colleges and universities are “four green” directly appointed as professors, but here , They must start from the assistant professor or associate professor, face the pressure of life-long assessment. This has resulted in the loss of some potential applicants, and sometimes an applicant has been picked up by a higher position and higher pay after being admitted to the University of Mathematics at the University of Beijing, but those who are willing to accept the challenge People, but its popularity but strengthened. In 2014, Peking University announced the reform of tenure system. For the existing teachers, Peking University has a 3-year transition time. During the transition period, teachers under the “old system” can retain their titles in place and apply for promotion in accordance with the new rules. 2017 is the last year of the transition period. Peking University tried to use this gentle way to achieve the replacement of teachers, until the new system under the teachers accounted for the mainstream, to complete the “transition.” But the mathematical center does not exist transition problem, since the first recruitment in 2011, it is completely “new”. Xu Chenyang not only return to his alma mater to teach, but also to encourage many of the same foreign youth scholars in China abroad to return to development. He said: “When faced with young scholars who are still abroad and hesitated to choose whether to choose to return home, I always encourage them to return to their motherland, Can make better and more creative resultsIn their own country to make a good job of accomplishment, is any other feeling can not be replaced. “Back to China, to return to Peking University in the past few years, Xu Chenyang has been committed to cultivate a large number of talents who love mathematics, so as to promote the process of Chinese algebra geometric research.He believes that the North University students will emerge a lot of good mathematicians , And the future of Chinese mathematics needs them. “I am most grateful to Peking University students are Peking University. I have always felt that the quality of students in North University is very high. They should enjoy better education and get a better chance. I have always believed that students who are willing to do math at Peking University are able to keep up with a lot of good mathematicians if they can get good guidance and finally stick to it. In order to achieve the long-term goal of personnel training, Xu Chenyang since the full-time work since returning to the International Mathematical Research Center in Peking University actively set up cutting-edge courses to guide students, organize meetings and seminars for the Peking University and even the development of algebra geometric disciplines to do a lot of work In the future, he will continue to use the International Mathematical Research Center of Peking University as the platform for the expansion of the influence and value of algebraic geometry, and he hopes to influence the future Chinese mathematicians through his own actions, cultivate and promote more artificial China’s algebraic geometric development and prosperity contribute to its own strength. Some people have not been able to understand why Xu Chenyang is going to return home. His collaborators are distributed in the Western Elite Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the field of algebraic geometry, China lacks competitiveness , A number of university mathematics department can not open the system of algebraic geometric courses. Network Q & A community “know” on an anonymous user to describe, Xu Hui country coaching “and return to education almost.” Xu a plan is to participate in the creation of “China’s own Algebraic geometry Peking University ‘s undergraduates are also an important factor in attracting him, which has the largest number of top schools in China, among which more than 180 speakers in the International Conference of Mathematicians in 2018 have 12 Chinese and 8 are Peking University graduates. “The teacher taught the students”, but also “French teachers.” French mathematician Mike Bruce for 6 years in the North University class, and finally in Springer published two lectures, he thought it was written in other places Out of school. “Here teaching, the development of mathematics is useful, because the students in the lectures may be a good mathematician. Everything you do may make sense for the development of mathematics. “Peking University, one of the problems is that over the years it is the best undergraduate students are studying abroad. More than 160 undergraduates enrolled each year, more than half of the country. Even Tian Gang such a famous mathematician, but also subject to In Princeton he can pick the best students from all over the world, and he can not find such a platform for the selection of students in the world, but the situation is changing. Seven or eight years ago, Peking University’s outstanding undergraduate students Able to leave one, now left more than before. Mathematical Center of some of the current postdoctoral is not Chinese, Xu Chenyang guidance of a postdoctoral scholar, graduated from the United States doctor, gave up a better position in Korea to come to Peking University But this situation is still rare.Even if today ‘s society is more impetuous, even more and more people only knowingly fame and fortune, but Xu Chenyang always warned himself to be loyal to the heart, and he also expected their students to the same Attitude towards mathematics, treat the whole life, as he said: “I am now doing is Favorite work can concentrate on having fun job brought me, I think this is the most rare. And this freedom I think it is difficult to find in other industries. After persevering, I became more and more from the heart that this is a very ideal way of life. From the choice of doing math to today, I have been and still feel that this is one of the best choices in my life. “

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