What is the most interesting English word? “Ass” makes you look cool

According to foreign media reports, you must remember that once said a word, the results of laughing non-stop scene. Some words are simply inexplicable, some people’s name is funny. And a group of scientists want to use science to explain the reasons for these words funny, so that jokes become laughing at all. Two of the researchers at the Faculty of Psychology at Warwick University in the UK pointed out that the most interesting word in English is “booty”. So the question came, they find the respondents in the end is more boring ah? “The ability to understand humor is a basic and mysterious ability in human cognition,” the researchers wrote in the paper, “we collect these data, hoping to help people from the cognitive, development and application point of view better Humor. “The team sums up 4997 common words from past studies and lets respondents rate 200 randomly selected words from 1 (no humor) to 5 (very humorous). Respondents also need to provide their own demographic information. A total of 821 respondents participated in the survey, and the findings were collected through the data platform “Amazon Mechanical Turk” (Amazon Mechanical Turk). The result is the most interesting word for “booty” (ass), the most fun word is “rape” (rape). The picture shows the complete results: The researchers also found some alternative words, their degree of interest for men and women are different. 58% of the respondents were women (478) and 42% were male (341). Men and women think “chug” (sudden sound), “fluff” (fluffy) and “scrotum” (scrotum) interesting degree regardless of the upper and lower. The researchers also categorized the findings by age. The picture on the left shows young people think more interesting words, the right picture for the older people think more interesting words: This study is clearly there are many shortcomings. Some scientists believe that the results of the study through the “Turkish robot” collection, the respondents do not know the true identity. People who use the platform to submit data are mostly young people who are thinking free. In addition, taking into account the large amount of English words, as well as the cultural differences between the various English-speaking countries, the sample size is too small. Not to mention the study did not explain the fun of these words come from. But after reading this article, you’d be able to tell a friend: the most fun English word is booty. This will probably make you look cool. (leaf)

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