“Unlucky” Uranus satellites: or collide within one million years

SAN FRANCISCO, September 12, according to foreign media reports, Uranus seems to be bad luck. It is lying on the rotation of the posture like a drunk, has been the object of people mocking. Not only that, a new study also shows that several of its small satellites may collide in the next million years.

Astronomers point out that Cressida will be the initiator of the collision. First, the researchers used the data collected by the ground telescope and the traveler’s No. 2 detector to analyze the relationship between the Tianwei nine and the Uranus η ring to calculate the quality of Tianwei IX. The gravitational attraction of the Tianwei 9 makes the η ring triangular, which is very rare, but it is not surprising for Uranus. Day for the quality of nine very light, only one hundred thousandth of the moon. The researchers said that this marks the “first direct measurement of a Uranus inner satellite satellite quality.”

From the days of the quality and orbital data, astronomers believe that it can not escape fate. Since Uranus’s 27 satellites were very tightly distributed, the team concluded that in the next 100 million years, Tianwei would collide with the nearby Desdemona. The previous studies and simulations show that the Cupid and Belinda may also hit each other over the next 1,000 to 10 million years. Uranus satellites have always been difficult to observe, not only because they are smaller, too far away from the earth, but also because they are a mysterious black material enveloped. Titania and Oberon were the two largest satellites, first discovered by British astronomer William Herschel in 1787. In 1986, Voyager 2 discovered 10 satellites in the course of visiting Uranus, including the days of ten and the day. Since then, the Hubble telescope has expanded this figure to 27.

After another one million years, we are no longer alive. But Uranus will remain in the open universe alone, witnessed their own satellites collided. (Leaves)

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