Tyrannosaurus rex can not sprint: but the speed is still faster than you

“Jurassic Park” series of movies to the people left such an impression that Tyrannosaurus rex (scientific name: Tyrannosaurus rex, also known as Tyrannosaurus rex) can sprint to chase prey. A new simulation study shows that Tyrannosaurus Rex is not good at sprinting, and even hard to walk quickly. According to foreign media reports, “Jurassic Park” series of movies to the people left such an impression that Tyrannosaurus rex (scientific name: Tyrannosaurus rex, also known as Tyrannosaurus rex), according to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, ) Can be full of sprint to chase prey. A new simulation study shows that Tyrannosaurus Rex is not good at sprinting, and even hard to walk quickly. For this weighing 9 tons of dinosaurs, the maximum speed of about 19 kilometers per hour, has been much faster than ordinary humans. In the paper published in “PeerJ”, the researchers pointed out that Tyrannosaurus reed the size and weight so that it can not run up, and the movement speed is limited to 5.4 meters per second (or 19.3 kilometers per hour )the following. If the movement speed is higher than this speed, that King Dragon’s legs will not be able to bear the huge weight and bending, or even broken. This means that Tyrannosaurus rex can not be in the high-speed – relatively speaking – state pursuit of prey. In contrast, the human sprint speed of about 13 to 24 kilometers per hour, outstanding athletes can reach more than 32 kilometers per hour. Therefore, want to win over Tyrannosaurus rex, many animals (including science fiction in the human) still need to fight to run.

Paleontologists have argued for decades on the running capacity of Tyrannosaurus rex. On the one hand, some studies suggest that Tyrannosaurus can run at an alarming rate of 20 meters per second (72.4 kilometers per second); on the other hand, some of the more recent studies suggest that Tyrannosaurus rex is not as fast Is between about 5 and 11 meters per second (18 to 29 kilometers per hour). The study led by William Sellers of the University of Manchester School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Manchester, UK, provided evidence for low speed, and computer simulations showed that Tyrannosaurus Wang could not run. On the contrary, the study pointed out that Tyrannosaurus rex is somewhat similar to birds.

William Sellers adopted two mature technologies biomechanical features of Tyrannosaurus rex were analyzed in the study, namely multi-body dynamic analysis (multibody dynamic analysis, MBDA) and bone stress analysis (skeletal stress analysis, SSA). This is the first application of two methods in paleontology, making the characteristics of dinosaur physiology more accurate. Previous studies did not take into account the “bone load” – the pressure limit that the bones were able to withstand before they were broken, and thus did not succeed. In the new study, the computer simulation took into account all the pressure on the limbs of the Tyrannosaurus rex, and then estimated the bone loads when subjected to shocks. The simulation results show that Tyrannosaurus reuscist no matter what running gait, will undoubtedly cause “unbearable high bone load.” In other words, any form of running will make Tyrannosaurus rex leg broken.

“In its living environment, the herbivorous dinosaurs that can be captured are much slower than an adult Tyrannosaurus rex, which is like killing on the slow lane. I think this study Significant because it is modeled directly on the physical characteristics of the bones itself and quickly limits the type of power that these huge bones can afford, “says Thomas Carr, a paleontologist at the Carthage Institute in Wisconsin, ), “In this study, running on the Tyrannosaurus rex becomes impossible, because the load will be directly this bone; this inference with the previous work is consistent, and encourage the different studies focused to the same the answer. “

Although the results indicate that T. rex was unable high-speed chase prey, and lifestyle than previously expected less” sport “, but Tyrannosaurus rex is still frightening predators. “Adult Tyrannosaurus can not run in fact does not matter: it just moves faster than the prey on the line,” Thomas Karl explained, “in its living environment, you can capture the herbivorous dinosaurs include Edmonton Dragon (Belonging to the duckbill dragon), triangular dragon and a dragon, the speed is much slower than adult Tyrannosaurus – it is like a slow lane on the killing. “Carl did not participate in the study.

David A. Burnham, a paleontologist at the University of Kansas, says the study is not comprehensive. “I want to see a similar analysis of Edmonton and Triangle,” he says. “If the data coincide with the status of these animals as prey, then we have a reasonable explanation.” In other words, Tyrannosaurus rex should be faster than their speed, at least over the young, slow and sick individual speed, because they are the main prey of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Burnham said the study based on the underlying hypothesis is Tyrannosaurus Wang running posture, and do not know how to “muscle system how to coordinate the operation,” the case, the most likely speculation is that they use a similar brisk walking gait.

The study also inspired the study of other large-scale predatory dinosaurs, such as the Southern Monster Dragon, the Maplon and the High Spine. Sears said that these large dinosaurs may be subject to similar physiological limitations, but this also requires more in-depth study in order to get more accurate inference. (Any day)

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