Tsing Yi University Vice President Shi Yigong: than I came to be too lucky

I was in the Zhumadian small Guo Zhuang grew up. Ching Ming Festival in 2012 back to Zhumadian, we met a few fifty primary school students, three students have gone. Than they come to me too lucky, they also ‘tied’ in Zhumadian, did not get out of this land, I occupied their chances. “- Shi Yi Gong” My time is calculated in seconds. “Shi Yigong once told reporters that as the country’s first” thousands of people plan, “one of the representative figures, Shi Yigong from the date of return to attract attention.Today, he is the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 赛 Keller International The winner of the Institute of Physics, the American Academy of Sciences, and the first Chinese scientist who won the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and also served as Vice President of Tsinghua University and Vice President of China Association for Science and Technology. Through a heavy halo, a scientist Science is the state of science and technology, the real life experience and deep family feelings. Science “realm”: from a person to a team in the second half of 2007, 40-year-old Shiyi announcement of Princeton, returned to Tsinghua Park. After the return of the country, Tsinghua University’s life sciences independent laboratory from more than 40 to more than 100. At the same time, his students one by one in the international biology budding. December 19, 2013, Chinese Academy of Sciences Bai Chunli (Right) for the newly elected academician Shi Yigong issued academician certificate. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Li Wang photo 2017 summer Yan Yan, a professor of Tsinghua University, who has been taught by Shi Yigong, is a professor of molecular biology at Princeton University in the United States. She is not a student, but a teacher. Two years ago, Tsinghua University School of Medicine doctoral students Hang Jing two interpretation of life macromolecule splicing structure of the article, in the form of the current cover published in the international top academic journals “the world’s top academic journals, Natural “, shocked the academy. Hang Jing know that the success behind the teacher is a very strict standard.” The teacher is very strict with us. “She said that Shi Yigong students Yan entrepreneurship, Wan Rui Xue talked about the mentor, said his rigorous scholarship and strong academic ability” and respect and fear. “Thousands of thousands of asthesial though hard, blowing mad sand From the personal dedication of scientific research to bring a good team, “returnees” Shi a public scientific dream has entered the “second realm.” Life status: “meet” and “not satisfied” Shi Yigong engaged in life science research The field is very deep, usually stern, but he is talking about his personal experience is very simple and sincere. 1975, Shi Gong and his parents photo “I grew up in Zhumadian small Guo Zhuang. Ching Ming Festival in 2012 back to Zhumadian, we met a few fifty primary school students, three students have gone. Than they come to me too lucky, they also ‘tied’ in Zhumadian, did not get out of this land, I occupied their chances. “He does not see success as a result of personal efforts, the community always with a grateful heart.” After returning home, my greatest achievement is psychological comfort and satisfaction. The current situation than I was a child when I imagined how many times! “” Now live a good house, eat a good meal, take a high salary, there are good experimental conditions in Tsinghua, do research is interested in their own, I feel very rich, very satisfied. “Shi Yigong in life is always compared with childhood, and in the cause of the pursuit of a world-class for the coordinates.” He said: “We have to professional, in the pursuit of the cause, in all science and technology do not know enough it is good. “In Tsinghua Park, people see Shi Yigong is always” like the wind “sprint figure. Family feelings: to serve the motherland did not change in 2017 July, Tsinghua lectures, Shi Yi Gong” structure of the United States “as the title , For more than 200 foreign students class.He from the “father of Chinese students,” Yung Wing, talked about 2016 gravitational wave of new discoveries, wonderful speech, causing the audience lasting, warm applause. Let the world see China, has been On August 14, 2016, the 31st National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition was held in Shanghai. Shi Yigong, vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, shared his research experience at the opening ceremony. China’s third year, his father died because of a car accident, Shi Yigong suffered a great blow to the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, As far as exotic, he never forgets, graduated from Hachio ‘s father, the cultural reorganization of the rural period, will never spare no effort to help the neighborhood folks, do not give up The ideal return of the heart and mind, which decided to resign his Princeton University tenured professor, generous return. “I wanted to stay in China, to bring China to change. After returning home, in order to make the most leading results, the state-related science and technology to a world-class level, Shi a public and time race, working in the laboratory every day for more than ten hours, sometimes only sleep a day “Tsinghua University, the level of life science research has achieved a huge leap, and the world famous universities breaking off a wrist.” “He said to the young man:” In today’s big pattern, your generation is responsible. I encourage you to the world as their duty, duty-bound to pursue the most cutting-edge science, to create the most advanced technology for the rise of China and human civilization to make their own contribution! “” To bring change to China, “Shi Yigong never change the beginning of the heart. (Reporter Sun Qi, Lu Yongjian)

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