The virus can also cure the study that the card card virus can kill brain cancer stem cells

Washington, September 5 (Reporter Liu Haiying) will cause serious harm to the fetus brain card card virus, one day may become a treatment of deadly brain cancer – glioblastoma an effective means. A new study at the University of Washington, St. Louis, and the University of California, San Diego, says the card card virus can specifically kill stem cells in glioblastoma, which bind to conventional treatment or improve the survival of such cancer patients probability. Researchers on the 5th in the “Journal of Experimental Medicine,” published a paper that the card card virus will bypass most of the tumor cells and specifically attack glioblastoma in the stem cells, which coincides with the current postoperative chemotherapy or radiotherapy this conventional treatment Means complementary. Although the latter can kill most of the tumor cells, but will leave a small amount of glioblastoma stem cells, these stem cells will continue to split, leading to cancer recurrence. To test whether this ability of the card card virus contributes to the treatment of living animal brain cancer, the researchers conducted a mouse experiment. They injected the virus and placebo (saline) directly into the brain tumor of cancer mice. Two weeks after the test showed that mice injected with the virus were significantly less than mice injected with placebo; follow-up studies showed that they live longer than the latter. Researchers said the use of card card virus treatment of human brain cancer, the virus should be injected directly into the brain. The idea seems crazy, but the researchers think it is safe, because the main target of the card card virus – nerve progenitor cells mainly exist in the fetal brain, in the adult brain is rare. Adults, even if infected with card card virus, the symptoms will not be very serious. In addition, their studies show that the card card virus does not infect non-cancerous brain cells. In order to further solve the security problem, the researchers also studied the effectiveness of mutant virus. The results show that mutant viruses that are weakened by infection are still able to grow in tumor cells but are rapidly eliminated in healthy cells. Although this mutant virus is not as effective as the original virus, it can kill glioblastoma stem cells as well. Researchers said they will introduce more mutations in subsequent studies, making the virus more sensitive to innate immune responses and ultimately reaching the point where the virus can not be pathogenic. In this way, with the card card virus treatment of glioblastoma vision, or will eventually be achieved. The chief editor of the circle of others arsenic, my elixir. Pierced the hand of the razor, with the right place is the scalpel. 2016 infamous Zika virus, unexpectedly so soon was included in the preparation of drugs. Once scientists know that it can destroy the young brain cells, it is thought to be able to deal with chemotherapy also kill the infested young cells. Opportunity is a rational person, know why it can be vocals for the blessing of God.

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