The unique project in this world is like he is now alive

The following is a week ago (September 9, 2017) Xinhua News Agency broadcast “” China Eye “is like for him – Nan Rendong” eye “dream. Now, Sri Lanka is dead, we revisit this article, the memory of Mr. Nan …

Nan Rendong name, and FAST inseparable.

loud voice, and now become hoarse, had traveled the mountain legs are no longer vigorous. 72-year-old Nan Rendong, as if the endless energy left to the “China Eye” – the world’s largest caliber radio telescope FAST. To a certain extent, he made FAST, FAST also made him.

“20 years only to do this one”

“South teacher for 20 years only to do this one thing.” Nan Rendong colleagues and students Evaluation.

The story starts from 24 years ago.

1993, Tokyo, Japan, International Radio Science Union Conference. Scientists have suggested that a new generation of radio telescopes will be built to receive more information from outer space before the global radio wave continues to deteriorate.

Nan Ren Dong and colleagues said: “We also build a bar.”

Not many people optimistic about this idea. Can you find the right place? Construction difficulty can not overcome? Nan Rendong with more than 300 satellite remote sensing map, trek in the mountains of southwest China. He would like to find the local nest Taipa – a few hundred meters of the valley surrounded by mountains around, just to block the outside of the electromagnetic waves.

“In order to sit, the South teacher was almost all the times where the depression.” Nan Rendong students Gan Hengqian memories, some barren hills and no way even the road, the local farmers are struggling to walk.

return home, Nan Rendong heart at the end, the formal use of karst depression to build radio telescope vision. But can not raise enough money, Nan Ren East heart did not end.

“The world’s unique project”

There are so few years, Nan Ren Dong became a “salesman”, the General Assembly, China foreign People to sell their own large telescope project. “I began to shoot the world’s ass, so that the world to support us.” He was so self-deprecating.

Every step is about the success or failure of the project, his pay sometimes even let the students feel “too hard.”

overnight to catch the project material, the task group a few people crowded in the office of Nan Rendong, verbatim sentence, often dry until early morning.

Report the project is the subject of each subject to the chief scientist, Nan Rendong each time at least one hour before the arrival of the venue.

FAST project on their shoulders, Nan Rendong also have a special way to deal with stress. “If you encounter a particularly difficult thing, the South teacher will be silent, smoking is very powerful .At that time, go to his office to wear gas masks.” Gan Hengqian said.

FAST project, deputy chief engineer Li Di, said: “South teacher’s dedication and I admire the most candid take on various responsibilities of the chief engineer and chief scientist, and promote the world’s unique project.”

This is the FAST project from installing the first reflex panel to the upcoming process (imposition of the photo). The upper left is: FAST reflex panel installed near the half (December 16, 2015 photo); the lower left: FAST reflective panel installed nearly Bacheng (2016) Year on March 9); the lower right is: FAST reflective panel installation is complete (July 30, 2016).

spent the last 10 years, FAST project gradually fame, with the major institutions of the technology has also been a breakthrough. In 2006, the project proposal was finally submitted. Through the final international review, the chairman of the committee of experts rushed to hold the hand of Nan Rendong: “You did it!”

project is like He was born “

in the FAST scene, can sincerely feel the” grand “the meaning of the word. And in 10 years ago, such a picture in the South Rendong mind has been formed. He has to do is to shape the mind into the reality of the picture.

Technology can rely on. “National standard is 100,000 times, we need 2 million times the expansion, the South teacher himself made a special process, and later support the shape of the FAST.”

do not know his people, first met Nan Rendong Like a farmer. The face of the vicissitudes of life, dark skin, summer wearing a T – shirt, big pants riding a bike, he himself with the students said: “like a farmer.

familiar with his talent to know that he is painting poetry, clothing and aesthetics are quite research. Early years in Tsinghua school, mechanical drawing game took the first place. In the 1990s, he even talked about fashion trends.

Yue Youling has seen Nan Ren Dong painting 50 × 60 cm painting, “can see is a professional level.” “South teacher in the aesthetic level of attainments is relatively deep, we FAST logo, is the South teacher’s own design, the South teacher’s PPT color, are also transferred out of their own.” Yue Youling said. In his FAST project, some people do not understand astronomy, some people do not understand mechanics, some people do not understand the metal technology, some people do not draw, some people do not understand the radio The “This is a lot of you can understand one or two, but it is clear that the South teacher almost all understand.”

“This huge huge radio telescope project is like for him.” Jiang Peng said.

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