The survey said that micro-plastic pollution everywhere: drinking water or containing plastic

According to foreign media reports, recently located in Washington, a company’s research results show that from New York to New Delhi, the world faucet out of the tap water can only be seen through the microscope to see the small plastic particles. Where did they come from? What are the dangers

It is reported that micro-plastic not only pollutes the ocean, but also pollutes fresh water, soil and air. The study once again shows that the water resources of the tap water pipes on which the human race is born all contain micro plastics.

The survey conducted more than 150 tap water tests on several cities on five continents. Of which 83% tap water contains micro-plastic ingredients. The survey is mainly to detect whether the tap water contains micro-plastic. As long as the water has very little plastic fiber, the test results will be positive. The study did not indicate possible toxicological findings.

The authors of the survey report warn that if synthetic fibers are present in tap water, they may also be present in foods such as bread and baby food.

Experts estimate that they come from synthetic fiber textiles, carpets and furniture. It is not clear, however, how these plastic fibers enter the water pipe and what are the risks to human health.

How big is the risk?

Experts believe that the human body into the plastic fiber can also pollute the environment. Richard Thompson, a marine biologist at the University of Plymouth in the UK, says animal experiments clearly show that “the plastic releases these chemicals and the conditions in the digestive tract can even speed up their release.”

Sherry Mason, a researcher and investigator at the Microfilter, says plastic has also affected the animal world. She cited some of the survey data. “How can we believe that plastic does not have an impact on our health?”

is full of plastic, “she said,” have enough reason to worry about it. “If micro-plastics are causing pollution to animals, how can we believe that plastic Of the world

Today, all the tap water consumed by humans is more or less containing plastic fibers. The micro-plastic content detected in the tap water of the Trump Grill in the Trump Tower in New York is the same as that of Jakarta’s Indonesian tap water. Bottled drinking water and purified pure water in the family contain micro-plastics. In the United States, there is no limit to the plastic content of tap water. But the EU does not require tap water to contain other impurities. Nevertheless, tap water contains plastic fibers. Water samples from the United States and the Lebanese capital Beirut contained 94 percent of the water samples containing micro-plastic particles. In New Delhi, 82% of tap water samples contain micro-plastics, 81% of water samples in Kampala, Uganda, 71% in Jakarta, 75% in Quito, and 72% in Europe. “The survey is only touching the surface.” “But the investigation seems to have aroused widespread concern.”

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