The number of kangaroos too much Australians advocate the use of “eat” to solve

According to foreign media reported on the 12th, due to the increasing number of wild kangaroo, affecting the sustainable development of the environment, some Australian land holders and ecologists call, should consider eating kangaroo.

The Australian government’s 2016 statistics show that there are 45 million kangaroos in Australia, almost twice the number of people in the country. Analysis shows that the number of kangaroo surge, and the local rainfall caused by increased food production increased.

It is reported that Australia has a strict human slaughtering animal policy, each province is required according to the sustainability of different species, the development of strict commercial hunting limits to control the number of species. However, due to lack of demand, profit is not high, most provinces issued a limit on the number of no limit.

Kangaroo is a symbol of Australia, but it also makes the authorities a headache.


According to the Australian government’s environmental department’s website, the fur that is hunted animals will become an export commodity, but their meat will generally be discarded because there is no demand in the market.

Kangaroo As a symbol of Australia, the locals have been quite resistant to eating kangaroo meat.

The kangaroos are common in the Australian inland and urban neighborhoods.

But some people think that some visitors to Australia like to try the Australian unique meat, kangaroo can be emu (a large bird) and crocodile and another novel dishes.


One side who advocates eating kangaroo meat points out that kangaroo meat is low in fat and produces less methane than aquaculture animals and is therefore healthier.

David Paton, a professor at the University of Adelaide, says society should support the kangaroo cleanup program to control the number of kangaroos and protect the ecological environment in other parts of Australia, or that the country’s biodiversity will be significant cut back. “Too much is not the kangaroo wrong, probably because we are too resistant to them hands, remove them from the ecosystem to prevent the damage caused by we have to use human means to control its number, but also think about it How to ‘use’ these hunted kangaroos. “

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