The Netherlands was scared 4.5 billion years old “old” meteorite or possession of the solar system birth clues

According to the Russian satellite network reported that in January this year, a meteorite in the Dutch province of North Holland, a village fall. Scientists have said that the meteorite “age” up to 4.5 billion years, may have the birth of the solar system clues.

It is reported that this weight of half a kilogram of meteorites on January 11 breakdown of the North Holland Brooke village a barn roof. The barn owner found the meteorite the next morning and handed it to the local natural knowledge museum expert.

After the expert survey announced that the meteorite and about 4.5 billion years ago appeared in the solar system of the same age. The media quoted geologists as saying that meteorites come from the area between Mars and Jupiter.

According to reports, this meteorite is so far found in the Netherlands, the first six meteorites.

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