“The most giant” dinosaur long Shashi: length comparable to Boeing aircraft only vegetarian

The dinosaurs have long been extinct, but these once dominated the earth’s monster has always been the object of scientists to study. According to foreign media reports, a study released on the 8th, officially for a few years ago in Argentina found that the so-called “the most dinosaur” dinosaur class named for the ancient biology to write a new page.

The study published in the Royal Society’s report titled Dinosaurs as “Patagotitanmayorum”, the fossil of this giant dinosaur for the first time in Patagonia in 2012 Unearthed, scientists have been collecting dinosaurs more than 200 pieces of bone fossils, and gradually sketched out its appearance.

Patagonia Titan Long body length of 37 meters, this length and a Boeing 737 aircraft quite. Patagonia Titan Long’s feet to the shoulder is nearly 6 meters tall and is known to be the largest dinosaur and has a long neck.

This dinosaur from the Titan dragon (titanosaur) family, just the femur is longer than 2 meters. It was born 100 million years ago, for the vegetarian dinosaurs, experts initially speculated that the dragon continues to grow taller, is to facilitate eating long plant in the high trees. DiegoPol, a paleontologist involved in the study, says that even the prestigious Tyrannosaurus, standing beside Patagonia Titan, is like a “dwarf” The While the American Museum of Natural History is currently displaying a copy of the dragon skeleton model, because of its body “too high”, the museum had to dinosaur head out of the museum corridor.

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