The Gates Foundation launched its annual report: tracking the progress of the United Nations goals in 2030

Reducing global poverty and improving health is the focus of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is located in Seattle, the city of Seattle, Of large-scale charities use data to measure the success of this bold goal. Today, the organization publishes a new report to share data, celebrate success, and warn the global community, and if we can not continue to invest in development, what will happen in the world. Goalkeeper’s track record of 18 data points for the 2015 United Nations sustainable development goals, including improvements in the number of people living below the poverty line, increased use of contraceptives and containment AIDS – related deaths. The United Nations was scheduled to achieve all of the sustainable development goals planned for 2015 by 2030. 1990-2030, the number of people living with HIV / AIDS per 1,000 people worldwide, but the report also warns governments that are considering cutting aid to developing countries. For example, according to the Gates Foundation report on health indicators and assessment of the data provided by the study, if the AIDS treatment funds by 10%, may cause 5.6 million deaths. In addition to researching key indicators of global health and well-being, the report also includes policy, innovation and case studies that progress people in achieving these goals. Bill Gates said in a report, “We are not only trying to promote people to raise awareness, positive action, but also hope to attract a lot of young leaders involved … … we want to use the same metrics every year, with honest data to speak We think this is the best way to drive the development of this business, so that everyone has a mission. “The Gates Foundation will release the Goalkeepers report from now until 2030. (Eyebrow)

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