The 2017 Future Science Awards announced three winners’ bonuses of $ 1 million

Sina Technology News September 9 afternoon news, 2017 future science awards press release was held on September 9, 2017. 2017 Future Science Awards announced the winning list.

Shi Yi Gong Shi Gong Gong, in recognition of his analysis of eukaryotic messenger RNA splicing body of this key complex structure, reveal the active site and molecular level mechanism of the significant contribution. Xu Chenyang Xu Chenyang, in recognition of his dual rational algebraic geometry to make a very profound contribution! This award is a new award this year. [Video Live] The Future Science Award was established in 2016, is the first in mainland China by scientists, entrepreneurs, co-sponsored civil science awards. Future Science Awards focus on original basic scientific research, rewarding scientists who have made outstanding achievements in Greater China (not limited to nationality). The award is nominated by way of orientation, and the scientific review of the scientist committee is composed of excellent scientists. The principle of fairness, fairness and credibility is maintained. Future Science Awards currently set the “Life Science Award”, “Material Science Award” and “Mathematics and Computer Science Award” three awards, single bonus of 1 million dollars. Bonuses from the public reputation of good, prominent social contributions and deep recognition of scientific value of the industry leaders donated. Each award is donated by four donors. The Scientific Committee of the Scientific Committee of the Future Science Awards consists of 15 outstanding Chinese scientists who have achieved outstanding scientific and technological achievements in different fields. They provide academic support for the awards: determine the rules of award selection, decide the category of awards, decide the nomination list , Vote for the winning list.

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