Talk about nuclear fog You eat onion potatoes or irradiate with radioactive elements

Original title: also talk about nuclear fog? You can eat garlic onion potatoes may be irradiated with radioactive elements …

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loyal guards & nbsp; kill the anthrax weapon

“9-11” incident, anthrax shocked the world.

Why is anthrax so terrible? Experts explained that anthrax spread in the form of spores, those almost no life spores hidden in the message, the winter or the heat does not work for them, the spores are quietly waiting for the opportunity, once people contact, they will become fatal Bacteria.

This picture is from the WeChat public No. “Science and Technology Daily”

to kill anthrax, China has developed a self-shielded electron beam radiation sterilization accelerator. Accelerator electron guns emit high-power electromagnetic waves, when the irradiated objects on the conveyor through the high-energy electronic curtain radiation area, the radiation will be the biological bacteria will be killed, processed mail and items will not leave any radioactive. In recent years, as a major way of international freight transport, container transport in bringing fast and convenient, but also by some criminals used to smuggle goods, drug trafficking, smuggling of weapons and explosives The The use of cobalt-60 container inspection system, the screen can be hidden in the container of smuggled goods, drugs, weapons and explosives show a crystal clear, effectively combat smuggling criminal activities.

Tracer technology & nbsp; understanding of invisible, intangible changes

Related parties, the use of radioactive isotopes as a tracer, you can understand people can not see, touch Some of the physical changes and chemical changes in the chemical, oil, water and other fields play an important role.

more than 90% of China’s oil field is water injection, after years of exploitation, flooding water is generally serious. In order to better exploit the potential of the old oil field, researchers have developed a barium -131 radioactive tracer microspheres, for the determination of water injection wells to provide an effective tool.

Logging, the use of positioning the release of a certain activity of the radioactive tracer microspheres in the underground release, tracing microspheres with the water into the different permeability of the formation of the surface to form a uniform diffusion layer, Where the water flow, where the micro-ball will be issued with radiation signals, then, with the detector along the injection wells for radioactive measurements, you can understand the distribution of water in the formation, flow and role for the rational development of oil and comprehensive management of the scientific in accordance with.

to spend tens of millions of dredged sediment to the Yangtze River estuary, to understand the operation of the law of sediment, NHRI put in Shi Ying sand containing scandium -46 isotopes in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River each year , And then use the scintillation detector for tracking observation for the Yangtze River estuary deepwater channel management and all-weather construction of the deepwater channel provides an important technical data, the use of this technology, the 100,000 tons of cargo through the Yangtze River estuary straight to Shanghai Baoshan Steel Wharf The

Jinan “Baotu Spring” well-known at home and abroad, but in the late eighties, natural spewing wonders disappear. The isotope tracer method is used to clarify the state, recharge source and operation law of Baotu Spring Group, and provide scientific basis for water supply in Jinan Baoquan. Agriculture is one of the most important areas in the development of modern agricultural science and technology.

Food Irradiation Processing Technology is a new technology for food processing after the food tank heating and cryopreservation technology.

Since 1984, China began to irradiate garlic, potatoes, onions, white wine and meat products. At present, the country has 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than 200 units were more than 200 kinds of food were irradiated preservation, insecticide sterilization, improve the quality of the study, the state has approved 18 kinds of radiation food market, According to the total food amounted to 100,000 tons, ranking first in the world. Insect radiation sterility technology, is a pollution-free biological control new technology. Researchers use cobalt-60, cesium -137 release of γ-ray or accelerator generated electron beam, the pests of the pupa or adult insects to a certain dose of exposure, so that the male reproductive function, which can be extinct, it can destroy the pests And no pollution.

Archeology analysis of the eradication of a hundred years of mystery case

Qing Emperor Guangxu death is troubled by the history of the century mystery case.

lasted five years, micro-reactor researchers and CCTV, Qing Xiling and Beijing forensic examination and identification center, the common use of micro-reactor neutron activation analysis technology tested the relics of Guangxu emperor braids Arsenic content, combined with other technical means to solve the mystery of a hundred years.

Zhoukoudian Beijing ape-man site discovery is a major event in the history of world anthropology research, butIts age has been different opinions. In 1978, the use of nuclear solid track detector method, the measurement of the ape-cave the tenth layer of ape-man with the ash left in the ashes of the uranium-238 spontaneous fission track, made the Beijing ape-man survival of 46.2 million years Conclusion, has been recognized by the world.

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