Studies have shown that different colors affect the response of lizards to human behavior

SAN FRANCISCO, September 5, according to foreign media reports, the human can be described as the ultimate predator. As long as equipped with the right tools, in the ring will be invincible (perhaps some drug-resistant bacteria can beat us, but here first talk about them). However, to make friends with animals is another thing.

Researchers know that some animals are sensitive to human behavior. There have been many studies in the past that some of the sounds or actions that humans emit can affect the response of animals. University of California, Los Angeles, a team led by Breanna Putman wants to know whether the color will affect the behavior of the lizard. Clarifying the effect or helping scientists and animal protection specialists better predict how animals respond to humans close to them.

The western fence lizards have a blue plate on the abdomen and neck that attracts females, just as men pass tattoos or Porsche to attract potential couples. Studies have shown that when the laborers wear lizards sexy color – dark blue, the lizard’s response is ideal.

The experiment was conducted in two places, one in lively park in Los Angeles and one in a nature reserve to ensure that the experiment included normal human activities. Researchers dressed in four colors of T-shirts close to lizards, were dark blue, light blue, gray or red, and measured how far the lizard began to escape away from mankind. After a few days of experimentation, they began to chase lizards, trying to catch them, and sometimes scientific research had to come to the bottom.

After 15 experiments in each color, the researchers analyzed the data and published the results in the journal “PLoS One”. They found that when the researchers were wearing dark blue clothes, the lizards began to escape the shortest distance, and most likely to be caught. On the contrary, when people wear red clothes, they escape the earliest and most difficult to be caught.

In other words, the color does not seem to affect the lizard’s response to humans. If you want to attract a western fence lizard, maybe just wear a dark blue T-shirt, which is equivalent to the lizard community Porsche. But remember, this is just a preliminary experiment, there are many changes and improvements in space. For example, do they have a special reaction to blue for other lizard species that does not use dark blue as a mating signal color?

post-doctoral researcher at Yale University, Lindsay Las Arcs (Lindsey Swierk) that the study carried out very successful, proved guess some of the ecologists. “This is an interesting study, and I think many research teams may consider it when planning the next field trip,” she says. “I’d love to know if this rule applies to other mating signals. Lizard species. “(Leaves)

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