Sichuan with radioactive sources to the bubble pepper chicken we can eat it?

Recently, the “Sichuan 18 Russian cobalt-60 radioactive decommissioning,” the report mentioned the use of radioactive sources to the paclitaxel claw sterilization content, causing widespread concern. How does radioactive sources sterilize food? Does the food contaminate the body’s radioactive material during radiation sterilization? What is the application space of civil nuclear technology in people’s daily life? Technology Daily reporter interviewed the Sichuan Institute of Atomic Energy, Sichuan Province, a number of experts in nuclear technology applications. China is the world’s nuclear power, nuclear technology use of the big country, the current total size ranks third in the world In the eyes of the average person, “nuclear technology” is still unattainable and discovers. But in fact, the radioactive source can not only give chicken feet sterilization, but also widely used in medical sterilization, contain pests, agricultural breeding, new materials, and other industries. Site: at the same time for about 10 tons of Pickled Chicken sterilization 5 morning, at the Sichuan Institute of Atomic Energy Radiation Engineering Center, the reporter interviewed the center to carry out the work of pepper chicken disinfection and sterilization. Reporters in the control room to see, into the box of Pickle Chicken Claw was installed in the chain attached to the radiation box, such as scenic sightseeing cable car is generally slow, followed by the irradiation room to receive cobalt 60 radioactive source release γ ( Gamma) radiation sterilization, the whole process safe and orderly. “There are 24 stations in the irradiation room, which can be sterilized for about 10 tons of buckwheat chicken feet at the same time.” Huang Cheng, Minister of Operation of the irradiation engineering center, said that the cobalt-60 radioactive source is usually stored in the project The center of 7.5 meters deep storage wells, the use of lifting equipment by the lifting of the radio source, irradiation box in accordance with the suspension of the track in turn will be radiation products into the irradiation room, to carry out radiation sterilization operations, “the whole process In the radioactive source completely do not touch the food “. Irradiation Engineering Center Marketing Minister Ye Jiawei told reporters that due to sterilization thoroughly, high efficiency, can be achieved at room temperature, “cold processing” and other characteristics, in the current 20 billion yuan in Sichuan and Chongqing bagged pizza chicken chicken food industry, 70% of the products are sterilized by radiation exposure sterilization. “Because the traditional high temperature sterilization will damage the chicken feet taste, excessive addition of preservatives is not conducive to good health.” General shelf life of only 3 days to 7 days of bagged chicken feet by irradiation processing, the shelf life can be extended to 6 months. Q: food in the irradiation process will not be contaminated with radioactive material, after irradiation of food without radioactive food irradiation technology is developed in the 20th century, a sterilization preservation technology, based on radiation processing technology, the use of gamma Radiation, X-ray or high-speed electron beam and other ionizing radiation generated by high-energy radiation processing of food in the energy transfer and transfer process, resulting in a strong physical and biological effects, to achieve insecticide, sterilization, inhibition of physiological processes, Food hygiene quality, maintain the nutritional quality and flavor, to extend the shelf life of the purpose. Will the food be contaminated with radioactive material after disinfection and sterilization? “Certainly not!” Sichuan Institute of Atomic Energy Chen Hao said that in the course of operation, the radioactive source will never contact with food, there is no possibility of food contamination, after irradiation of food and no radioactivity. Scientists from all over the world have conducted extensive and extensive research on the safety of food sterilization for more than 40 years in the application of nuclear technology. After long-term animal experiments and human trials, agricultural and sideline products and their processed products are not produced under certain doses Radioactive, does not produce toxic substances, no effect on nutritional value. He said that the study of irradiated food for a long time, the last century 40’s, the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study the hamburger X-ray disinfection. At present, 42 countries around the world have approved more than 200 kinds of irradiated food, the total market sales has reached 300,000 tons. China promulgated the health standards of 18 kinds of irradiated food as early as 1984-1994. In 1996, the “Measures for the Administration of Radiation Food Hygiene” was promulgated. In 1997, six kinds of irradiated food hygiene labeling, such as nuts, were issued. Promulgated the “General Standard for Radiated Food” and 16 standards for irradiated foodstuffs. By the end of 2015 the total amount of irradiated food has exceeded 200,000 tons. Prospects: food disinfection in the nuclear technology civilian only “pediatric” nuclear technology, including the peaceful use of power and non-power two categories, the former mainly nuclear power plants and other nuclear energy development, which includes agriculture, biology, materials and other fields Application of nuclear technology. Pickle Chicken Chicken sterilization belongs to the latter, but it is only one of the “pediatric”. Nuclear technology is widely used in food disinfection and sterilization, industrial materials modification, agricultural radiation mutation breeding, import and export quarantine, health care and many other areas. For example, in the field of medical equipment disinfection, it can replace the traditional chemical fumigation sterilization, so that sterilization completely, long shelf life, while no pollution, no residue; in the import and export inspection and quarantine, it can not open the packaging, room temperature Or low temperature, the pest kill, to prevent alien invasion. In the medical field, the application of nuclear technology mainly includes radioactive drugs and radioactive treatment and diagnostic devices in two aspects, at present, the world each year 3 to 400 million people to receive radioactive drug diagnosis and treatment, the annual output value of radioactive drugs is about 50 billion The Radiation therapy and diagnostic devices include accelerators, tomography (CT), nuclear magnetic resonance imager (NM), single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), positron emission tomography (PET), and the like. The world’s electronic linear accelerator for radiotherapy has been close to 10,000 units, the annual output value of 18 billion US dollars. And as the forefront of China’s atomic energy peaceful use of scientific research units – Sichuan Institute of Atomic Energy is fruitful, and its cultivation of the superior 838, Ⅱ excellent 838 and other high yield, disease resistance, wide hybrid rice varieties, is currently China’s southern rice and Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions widely planted. On September 1, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed the “Nuclear Security Law of the People’s Republic of China”. This law will be the development of China’s nuclear industry, to ensure that nuclear safety have a significant role in promoting. “Nuclear technology civilian side, in our basic necessities of life and environmental protection and other aspects play an important role.” Chen Hao said that the Institute also carried out the radiationNew varieties of tobacco, new varieties of tobacco and the use of radiation modification technology to prepare new materials and other technology research. He also said that the US civilian nuclear technology industry has more than 600 billion US dollars, while China has only about 30 billion yuan, the future of Sichuan and even the country’s civilian nuclear technology applications there is great potential for development and space. (Shengli)

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