Russian fishermen caught double mouth deep sea strange fish netizens refer to Fukushima nuclear pollution caused

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on September 13, recently, the Russian fishermen in the southeastern coast of Russia’s coastal waters, captured a looks strange fish. This fish is ugly and has two mouths long. Users accused this may be Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant accident polluted the relevant waters, resulting in fish gene mutation, have such a strange fish.

The video provided by the parties can be seen, the mouth of this strange fish in the normal face of the face, the other is long in the neck. In addition, the tail of the fish is also very strange, like a hook, fish tail at the bulging, filled with transparent liquid, from time to time drop down. Fishermen said that these liquids may be fish eggs, but it is not clear what kind of fish eggs, do not even know that this fish is dead is alive.

users said this, this strange fish is too sick, it is pouring appetite. There are also netizens said that everything in this world seems to be mutated, this is the nature of human destruction of human revenge. (Internship compilation: Weng Jiali reviewers: Zhu Ying library)

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