Rumors secret: finger cut out with a mouth about what can you?

In the film and television works, we can often see such a picture: fingers accidentally scratched, cut, and others put their fingers into the mouth to suck the wound. This is like a habitual move, and in fact, this practice, in addition to the “single dog” caused harm, it is a misleading. Why do you say that? Follow the clan look down! Why is it best not to use the mouth to suck the wound? Most people think that the mouth of the blood wound on the wound out, you can remove the wound dirty things, to avoid infection. But this is not the case, because our mouth is not what we want to “clean”. Under normal circumstances, the mouth contains a lot of bacteria, and the species is quite complicated: there are pathogens, non-pathogenic bacteria, and conditional pathogens. Data show that in every milliliter of ordinary saliva, you can find 8 million Neisseria. Such a mouth, once exposed to the wound, it is likely to cause wound infection. Therefore, we’d better not use the mouth to absorb the wound. How does the source of the network deal with the most scientific? Fingers are scratched, cut, is very easy to happen, if not handled properly, or not attention, it is likely to wipe the wound, light inflammation, pain, delayed healing, severe cases may lead to illness or hand function. Therefore, different degrees of wound, there are different treatment methods. 1, such as abrasions, bruises, wounds relatively shallow, little bleeding, wound or wound clean, with cotton balls dipped in alcohol or iodophor disinfection treatment of the wound to protect the local to avoid infection, to be dry naturally, Need to use a stickers can be paste. 2, such as glass, knife and other sharp scratches, wound shallow, less bleeding, neatly cut, clean or not clean, rinse with running water to remove dirt or foreign matter, in the wound around the disinfection, Can be used to make sticky or hemostatic anti-inflammatory paste, try to make the wound closed to promote its healing. Source 3, such as nails, glass and other sharp things stabbed, the wound is relatively narrow, relatively deep, the amount of bleeding will not be a lot, but this wound bacteria is not easy to discharge, prone to inflammation. And no matter how small the wound, have the possibility of tetanus, so the wound in the emergency treatment, be sure to go to the hospital in time. 4, if the weapon is to cut his fingers, and the wound deep, bleeding volume is larger, should be pressed on both sides of the blood vessels of the fingers, to stop bleeding, and sometimes it can not stop the blood, you can use the rubber band or cloth bar tight bleeding Parts of the site, immediately go to the hospital for treatment, each time to stop bleeding time can not be more than fifteen minutes, to avoid blood flow blocking time is too long lead to limb necrosis. Regardless of the size of the wound, the depth of the first need to wash the hand, rinse the wound with flowing water, the use of clean equipment, and try to avoid contact with some other items. If there is a problem with your fingers flexion and extension, you must go to the hospital for treatment. So, when not careful to scratch your fingers, do not use the mouth to Oh!

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