Rumors secret: eat cicadas really “tonic” it?

Source: Science plus public rumors: Recently reported that a guy in Xiamen that cicadas are Dabu things, dining out when the fried cicadas pups, after eating but fell to the ground, was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Truth: cicadas, commonly known as meat keel, Xiezha monkey, climbing monkey, festival turtles, Lei Zhenzi, is the northeast, north and other northern areas common an insect. Cicadas have very rich in protein, per 100 grams of cicadas, the protein content of up to 68 grams. Does this mean that people take cicadas can “make up” it? In fact, cicada pupa protein is sufficient and can not equate with the nutritional value, because the nutritional value of food protein depends mainly on its amino acid species, quantity and structure ratio. Although cicada pups contain a variety of amino acids, but does not include the human body necessary for tryptophan and methionine, which will greatly reduce the nutritional value of cicada pupa. In addition, cicadas contain iron, zinc, manganese and other essential minerals, but because of the high content of iron, iron and zinc ratio is not appropriate, a direct impact on the body’s absorption, and therefore can not be used as a supplementary mineral The main source of food. So, why do you eat cicadas? This is because the report of the “guy” on the cicadas allergy and not know. Cicadas contained in the protein, amino acids are macromolecules, are heterosexual protein, after ingestion can cause a large number of histamine into the blood, resulting in the body allergies. If the serious allergies, will lead to human skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system and other organs are damaged, and the most dangerous is the allergic reaction will affect the cardiovascular system, resulting in decreased blood pressure, if the rescue is not timely, and may even cause Organ failure, loss of consciousness or even death.

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