Rumors Secret: body detoxification time? There is no scientific basis

Rumors content: body detoxification time: 1, 9-11 pm for the lymphatic detoxification time; 2, 11 am to 1 pm for the liver detoxification time; 3, 1-3 points for the gallbladder detoxification time; 4, morning 3-5 points for the lung detoxification time. Truth: 1, we often say that the lymph, first of all to science, it is not an organ, but a liquid called lymph, in all parts of the body flow. Constitute a lymphatic circulation, is that we are familiar with the important part of the blood circulation. The role of the lymph circulation is many, but can be summarized as four points: the recovery of protein; transport fat; regulate the amount of blood and tissue fluid; clear tissue red blood cells, bacteria and other particles. The lymphatic detoxification function is also reflected in the fourth point. 2, the liver is all the time in the removal and conversion of toxic and impurities, there is no only detoxification at the middle of the night to say. 3, gallbladder detoxification, which in the scientific community is currently no definite conclusion, it goes without saying that according to a specific time to detoxification and a said. 4, the main function of the lung is the exchange of gases, oxygen absorption, the elimination of carbon dioxide, and detoxification is also no relationship. can be seen, the so-called body detoxification period is no scientific basis for the whole rumor. But the body will not detoxification according to a specific time to detox, but this is not to say that we can wanton all night to stay up all night Stay up all night to bring a variety of problems, such as damage to the intestine, increase the burden on the eye, induce cardiovascular disease, and even increase the risk of cancer. Peak – why do not stay up late [J]. Zhongnan Pharmacy (medication and health), 2016, (06): 61-61 link: http: //, http: //

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