Rumors: potatoes (potato) raw juice can cure cancer?

<R] rumors of the category: false report fraud index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ hazard index: ★ ★ ★ rumors content from the Chongqing Medical University students circle information: "life-saving potato juice" cancer has finally been cracked: Please spread this article, the benefit of all living it! Cancer has a solution, vitamin B17, if a person has cancer, the most important thing is in the short term as much as possible to the maximum amount of B17. Potato juice therapy, cure the disease more and more people. Drink potato juice to cure the disease more and more people, is said to be effective in controlling cancer cells. The therapy was originally provided by the Japanese Zen monk Fuze Zhizhen division, collected by Sun Jianyong. Provide information and reference! Some people can not drink honey or half apples. Serious illness patients need to take under the guidance of a doctor. Every one to see this side of the good people should be vigorously publicized, the benefit of the general public. The Zen monks who advocated potato juice therapy – Fuze Zhifang who received a warm response from cancer patients around the country, so again published examples of clinical trials of potato juice therapy. Potato juice therapy can not only cure cancer, but also cure a lot of people liver disease, diabetes, stomach ulcers, kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, low back pain and shoulder pain and other diseases, there are a variety of other diseases cured patients Appear one after another. If you are suffering from chronic disease, please try. Potato juice therapy is free of any danger, anyone can immediately implement, and in a very short period of time can actually feel the effect. People suffering from suffering from the affected area, as long as drinking one to two weeks, the pain will gradually reduce, no pain, as long as some time, appetite immediately increased, improved bloody, physical recovery can be gradually. Adhere to every day, and even served two weeks, the treatment of effective, effective continue to continue after taking. Potatoes are highly nutritious foods that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, phosphorus and calcium. These vitamins or minerals once absorbed by the body, blood vessels in the blood can be unimpeded. As long as you continue to drink potato juice, you can make blood pressure to maintain stability. Potato with potassium can help the body's sodium excreted, is conducive to rehabilitation of patients with hypertension and nephritis. Potatoes also lose weight, and in the stomach, spleen dampness, anti-inflammatory detoxification effect. Severe liver disease after drinking potato juice can be quickly restored, severe constipation Ye Hao. In addition, the shoulder stiff and sore situation is no longer committed. Truth: In the medical profession, there is no clinical trial to confirm that potatoes (potatoes) can treat cancer. Online rumors of various diseases to reduce pain, etc., are not published by the medical research results to prove. The essence of cancer is a malignant tumor, the cause of the medical profession has not yet fully understood, let alone rely on certain types of food can directly treat cancer. Life does exist in some anti-cancer effect of anti-cancer food, potatoes also contain some nutrients, anti-cancer anti-cancer have a certain role, but its nature is still food and vegetables. To think of anti-cancer effect, but also must be in a balanced diet on the basis of "coordinated combat" to be able to play a role, any kind of food alone can not play the role of anti-cancer. Moreover, raw potatoes also easily lead to indigestion, causing a variety of adverse reactions, such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and so on. If it is made of buds or green of the raw potatoes, may also cause poisoning reaction. So even if you want to eat raw food, but also must use fresh potatoes. Comments: remedies may not rule the disease, indiscriminate use may hurt life. Treatment of cancer or to choose a regular hospital and scientific treatment, do not blind faith recipe, so as not to delay the disease. In addition, the environment and mood is one of the important factors that affect the occurrence of cancer, so please try to develop a good diet and living habits, enhance the body to resist the ability of disease invasion, while maintaining a good mood, this is the best resistance Cancer recipe.

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