Rumors: long-term consumption of pure water lead to calcium loss?

rumors content: 1, pure water lack of trace elements, long-term drink will lead to nutritional deficiencies, easy calcium deficiency or even decalcification. 2, pure water is acidic, is the source of all diseases. 3, pure water will take away the body useful minerals. Truth: 1, E Jingli researcher: “Changyin pure water lead to calcium loss,” the argument is not scientific. Rely on drinking water to add minerals do not fly. The role of water in the human body, one is the carrier of nutrients; Second, the metabolites of the solvent; Third, the role of lubrication joints; Fourth, the role of regulation of body temperature; Fifth, to ensure that the body run. There is almost no mineral in pure water. Drinking water is only to meet the needs of the body for the water, minerals containing mineral water, if the daily drink 2L (almost 4 bottles), drink the calcium is only 8mg, only accounted for the daily calcium recommended intake (800mg) 1%. Some people say that drinking pure water will be calcium deficiency, in fact, lead to calcium deficiency is the main factor is the lack of dietary calcium intake, and hormone levels, vitamin D levels, sunlight, exercise is also related. Some people say that drinking pure water will decalcinate, leading to osteoporosis, in fact, the body’s body fluid concentration is relatively balanced, calcium ion liquid is no exception, leading to calcium loss is mainly age, hormone levels and dietary intake, so It does not matter what is drinking water. 2, whether it is weak acid or weak alkaline water, to the stomach are acidic (the role of acid), to the intestines are weak alkaline. Human blood and body fluids have a set of dynamic balance of the metabolic mechanism in the control, so that the blood PH to maintain a stable value, and will not be affected by the water. For the human body, the essence of drinking water is to add H2O, and long-term drinking pure water does not lead to more and more acid body fluids. 3, the human body all the time in the metabolism, discharge of metabolic waste, the absorption of new nutrients. And these metabolic wastes, there are many trace elements. So, whether drinking or drinking pure water, our body of trace elements will continue to metabolize, this is not a terrible thing. The body has its own ion balance mechanism, as long as a balanced diet, metabolism of trace elements, but also by the food supplement. Recommendation: Drinking water is the most important thing about safety and hygiene. The market sold a variety of aquatic products, as long as the national standard is safe and harmless, you can rest assured that drinking. Pure water is prepared by reverse osmosis, ion exchange, distillation and other processes to remove the vast majority of impurities, the water is clean enough, is very safe drinking water. Developed countries to drink pure water for several decades, pure water penetration rate of 80% or more, and there is no pure water calcium deficiency or decalcification of the case.

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